Craig Yoe

Craig Yoe

Author/editor/designer/comics historian

Craig Yoe got into comics by producing fanzines 50 years ago! He later became creative director/VPGM of The Muppets. The majority of the creator’s 60-plus books on comics history have been published through Yoe Books/IDW. The books—humor to horror—include the works of creators George Herriman, Jack Kirby, and Steve Ditko. Introductions for some of these books have been written by R. Crumb, Stan Lee, John Updike, and Bill Watterson. 

Yoe has produced comics in 23 impoverished countries in 18 languages to educate children at-risk of deadly diseases to wash their hands—saving countless lives. The 20 million circulated School of 5 superhero comics are a world record! For more information, visit