Jhonen Vasquez

Jhonen Vasquez

Writer/artist, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac; creator, Invader Zim

Jhonen Vasquez is the creator of the genre-defining comic book series Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, which is marking the 20th anniversary of the publication of its first issue. Despite a relatively small body of comic book work, Vasquez has had a tremendous influence on a number of artists. His angular and stylistic artwork resonated with fans, and the graphic novel collection Johnny (The Director’s Cut) consistently remains a bestseller. Vasquez followed up Johnny with a spinoff series called Squee (based on Johnny’s little neighbor), and then later did two more series for SLG Publishing, I Feel Sick and Filler Bunny.

Not limiting himself to working in comics, Vasquez is best known to the world as the creator of the Invader Zim television series, which appeared on Nickelodeon. He has also directed a number of music videos and he is currently working on a new pilot for a series on Disney Television called A Very Important House.