Bjo Trimble

Bjo Trimble at Comic-Con International 2016

Author, Star Trek Concordance; Convention Organizer

Bjo Trimble, along with her husband, John, has been an active fan since 1950. They organized the first WorldCon Art Show and ran it for 17 years. Bjo created the Futuristic Fashion Show in 1958. At a later Fashion Show, she met Gene Roddenberry, setting off on a voyage where no one had gone before.

The Trimbles attended San Diego’s Golden State Comic Minicon in 1970 and later set up the Art Show. Bjo—with Walter Koenig and Jack Kirby—reorganized the Masquerade. Bjo received an Inkpot Award in 1974 for both the Trimbles’ service.

The couple organized the “Save Star Trek” write-in campaign that kept the franchise alive for 50 years and got the first space shuttle to be named the “Enterprise.” John was seldom mentioned because media focus was on woman’s lib back then. But without a third season, Star Trek wouldn’t have been syndicated, and . . . The rest is history. Bjo is currently writing an introduction to IDW Publishing’s fifth collection of Gold Key classic Star Trek comic books.