Paul Gulacy

Paul Gulacy at Comic-Con International 2016

Artist, Master of Kung Fu, Six from Sirius, Catwoman

Paul Gulacy is best known for reenergizing Quentin Tarantino's favorite comic book, Master of Kung Fu, along with writer Doug Moench. Gulacy also created memorable work on Star Wars: Crimson Empire; Sabre, the first graphic novel created for the direct market with writer Don McGregor, which inspired many independent publishing companies to follow suit; and an episode of the animated series Aeon Flux, titled “Isthmus Crypticus.”

Active in comics since 1974, this award-winning artist has been bringing his incomparable cinematic style to a gamut of genres and properties, including Six from Sirius, Sci-Spy, Slash Maraud, Barb Wire, Black Widow, Captain Action, Catwoman, Conan The Barbarian, Daredevil, Elvis Presley, G.I. Joe, Green Lantern, Jonah Hex, Judge Dredd, Jurassic Park, Lady Gaga, Miami Vice, Miracleman, Planet of the Apes, The Punisher, Spider-Man, The Terminator, Toby Keith, Vampirella, Wolverine, and more! For more information, please visit