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Exhibitor Merch

Please find below exhibitors with exclusive merchandise for Comic-Con 2018! To see specific items, simply select an exhibitor's name from the list.

Companies With Exclusives

(4)A Shop Called Quest4519
(3)ACME InkM-01
(2)Abrams Books1216
(9)Acme Archives5629
(2)Akumu Ink Corp.5641
(16)Alex Ross Art2415
(4)Arcana Studio2948
(1)Ash Evans Art3750
(10)Aspen Comics2320
(1)Asylum Press/Frank Forte1528
(8)Atomic Toybox Entertainment3921
(1)Author Creator Anne Elizabeth2201
(2)Awesome Conventions Exclusives5639
(2)Baby Tattoo Books4613
(2)Beast Kingdom Co., Ltd.2849
(2)Bill Sienkiewicz Art2614
(6)Bioworld Merchandising2913
(1)Bling Squared Cute GlassE-05
(30)Bluefin Distribution401, 3545
(1)Bob the ArtistG-04
(2)Boots and PupK-06
(1)Bored Inc.609
(4)Cardboard Spaceship5638
(2)Chad Heinrich ArtAA-14
(5)Choice Collectibles - Choice Fine Art4219
(5)Chronicle Books1506
(1)Claire HummelQ-15
(4)Comic Book Legal Defense Fund1918
(13)Comic-Con MerchComic-Con Merch Store, Marriott Marquis Hotel, Pacific Ballroom
(8)Cryptozoic Entertainment115
(15)Dark Horse Comics2615
(2)Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles, LLC2607
(1)Digital PIMP1237
(25)Entertainment Earth2343
(2)Epic Cosplay Wigs5602
(32)Essential Sequential4507
(10)Factory Entertainment2647
(5)Famous Monsters of Filmland1314
(4)Fanfare Presents5541
(6)Fat Rabbit Farm4533
(4)Fugitive Toys#601
(1)Funimation Entertainment4135
(8)Furry Feline Creatives5149
(2)Genesis II835
(5)Gentle Giant Studios3513
(8)Graphitti Designs#2314
(2)Hanging Chad EntertainmentL-09
(3)Hasbro Toy Shop3329
(2)Hermes Press1821
(4)Hero Within2047
(6)Hot Properties!609
(4)Huckleberry Toys3449
(3)Hyperactive Monkey5640
(27)IDW Publishing2743
(16)Icon Heroes, LLC3345
(1)Imperium Comics2005
(2)Jamie Sullivan IllustrationDD-15
(1)Jay's Junque921
(2)Jim Balent's BroadSword Comics1715
(5)Jungle Boy Productions1417
(1)Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc3713
(8)Lady Death/Brian Pulido5530
(3)Loot Crate, Inc.241
(1)Louie De MartinisDD-20
(5)Mattel, Inc.2945
(4)Moebius Models2946
(2)Monkey Minion Press2007
(1)Monte Moore4800
(9)Munky King4851
(1)Myriad Publications#E-02
(11)Neal Adams Transcontinuity1815
(6)New England Comics1807
(1)Nicole Brune Illustration5007
(10)Nuclear Blast Records501
(2)Panini America, Inc.2447
(1)Penguin Random House1514
(1)PopMinded by Hallmark2913-K
(2)Popfun Merchandising3744
(3)Quantum Mechanix4145
(2)Ray Bradbury MuseumI-02
(1)Red 5 Comics1717
(2)Royal Bobbles1019
(8)Rubie's Costume Co4049
(1)San Diego Public Library5523
(1)Scary Monsters MagazineM-03
(15)Shout Factory4118
(1)Simon & Schuster1128
(12)Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles1720
(2)Symbiote Studios5636
(1)The Behemoth329
(1)The League of S.T.E.A.M.5618
(13)Titan Entertainment5537
(26)Toddland4429, 4429 - toddland
(9)Toynami, Inc.3229
(24)Toynk Toys4437, 815, 815, 4437, 5245
(26)UCC Distributing5610
(7)Udon Entertainment4529
(1)Underboss - Undergirl5601
(2)Upper Deck Company307
(8)VIZ Media2813
(1)William Wu Books5627
(1)Zorilita - Mary BellamyN-04
(6)seven20815, 4437, 5245