Small Press

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In keeping with our Comic-Con tradition, we are pleased to present the Comic-Con@Home 2020 floor plan and exhibitor lists.

Below you will find a list of all the Small Press exhibitors who were confirmed for this year’s cancelled Comic-Con International. We’re sorry that we won’t be able to see you in San Diego this year.

However, on Wednesday, July 22, the Comic-Con@Home Online Exhibit Hall will go live. Join us for an interactive version of the floor plan with offerings from a great cross-section of exhibitors from all over the Comic-Con Exhibit Hall. You’ll find company listings, exclusive products for sale, promotional links, and a whole lot more. The Exhibit Hall will be available for all five days of the convention. It will close—just like the real thing—on Sunday, July 26. Check it out as soon as you can and as often as you can, and remember: You can’t see the whole thing in just one visit!


A. T. Comics N-03
Accidental Aliens K-07
ACME Ink M 01
And....Action! Entertainment O-08
Arch Blue M-14
Art of Victoria Ying O-14
Ascend Comics Q-12
Aswembar Productions P-06
Atomic Tiki Studio M-13
Aw Yeah Comics! P-03
B. L. A. S. T. Graphic Novel Project Q-09
Beanworld Press, Inc. N-09
Bellamy, Zorilita-Mary N-04
Big Blue Comics/KJ Kaminski K-04
Big Monster Productions L-15
Black Sheep Comics O-16
Blue Hippo Press Q-11
Bob the Angry Flower K-16
Boston Metaphysical Society Comic L-03
Broken Icon Comics P-12
Butts on Things/Brian Cook N-06
Cartoon Flophouse N-13
Center for Otherworld Science O-04
Chamanvision L-01
Chet Phillips Illustration O-01
Christian Comics Arts Society P-08
Clockwork Watch Films P-09
Cody Vrosh & Binary Winter Press M-08
Coin-Op Books K-12
Con Rangers Q-16
Cool Jerk, Intl. K-09
Costa, Ben P-10
Crimson Fable Studios/Chronicles of Zelaria N-10
Critical Entertainment M-11
Cypress Pictures, Inc N-15
Davis, George "Geo" L-14
Daydreams & Giggles Studios N-01
Diablo Productions K-11
Drake, Maxwell Alexander Q-01
Elephant Eater Comics P-16
Epicenter Comics Q-02
Essence Comics, LLC N-11
Etz Chaim Productions O-10
Fanbase Press O-03
Fantoons, LLC O-07
Farlaine the Goblin O-02
Forbidden Futures K-08
Friedrich, Paul P-15
Gallant Comics L-02
Ghoulish Bunny Studios N-08
Here There Be Monsters Press P-04
Hero Tomorrow Comics M-04
HexComix Q-07
Hochberg, Val N-12
HoraTora Studios N-05
Jeff Pina Writes & Draws Stuff Q-06
Jusscope O-09
Kazungul Books Q-04
Kim, Eunjung June O-15
Lawdog M-15
Lazy Bones Studios M-02
Le Petit Elefant L-07
Lil' Libros L-06 Q-13
Little Red House, The O-12
Mark Dos Santos Art N-02
Mark Page Design P-13
Martinez/John Hageman, Manuel M-03
Melvin the Super(Duper) Robot P-14
Millsap, Lonnie K-15
Monster Elementary Q-05
Moras Productions M-05
Mythopoeia Q-03
Mythos Comics L-13
Neat-O Comics N-14
Neely, Tom M-07
Patrick Scullin Comics P-02
Phantom Monster M-09
Phoenix Holdings Company Limited O-06
Pirate Cove P-01
Puna Press LLC K-10
Punching Pandas, LLC N-07
Rare Earth Comics P-07
Red Stylo Media K-02
Sorcery 101 M-12
Super Real Graphics L-16
Super-Abled Comics K-05
Tantrum Comics Group M-10
Timberwolf Entertainment LLC P-11
Tired Girl Collective O-13
Toshwerks Q-08
UA Comics K-06
Vampire Scrolls P-05
Walko, Bill O-05
Wannabe Press K-03
Warhead K. E. K. O-11
Warnerburg Studios Q-10
WCG Comics K-01
White Ash Comics L-10
Wuvable Oaf Comics L-11
Yaoi Revolution L-12
Zombicatures by Stan Yan K-14
Zonks Illustration L-05