Small Press

We have made the challenging decision to postpone Comic-Con 2021 as an in-person gathering until our 2022 dates, and once again hold this year's celebration as the free online Comic-Con@Home. We will return to the San Diego Convention Center July 20 - 24, 2022. Please see our full statement here.


Here is a complete list of Comic-Con 2020 Exhibitors, including booth numbers and a location map.
Click on the map on the right for a full-size PDF of the Comic-Con 2020 Exhibit Hall.
A. T. Comics N-03
Accidental Aliens K-07
ACME Ink M 01
And....Action! Entertainment O-08
Arch Blue M-14
Art of Victoria Ying O-14
Ascend Comics Q-12
Aswembar Productions P-06
Atomic Tiki Studio M-13
Aw Yeah Comics! P-03
B. L. A. S. T. Graphic Novel Project Q-09
Beanworld Press, Inc. N-09
Bellamy, Zorilita-Mary N-04
Big Blue Comics/KJ Kaminski K-04
Big Monster Productions L-15
Black Sheep Comics O-16
Blue Hippo Press Q-11
Bob the Angry Flower K-16
Boston Metaphysical Society Comic L-03
Broken Icon Comics P-12
Butts on Things/Brian Cook N-06
Cartoon Flophouse N-13
Center for Otherworld Science O-04
Chamanvision L-01
Chet Phillips Illustration O-01
Christian Comics Arts Society P-08
Clockwork Watch Films P-09
Cody Vrosh & Binary Winter Press M-08
Coin-Op Books K-12
Con Rangers Q-16
Cool Jerk, Intl. K-09
Costa, Ben P-10
Crimson Fable Studios/Chronicles of Zelaria N-10
Critical Entertainment M-11
Cypress Pictures, Inc N-15
Davis, George "Geo" L-14
Daydreams & Giggles Studios N-01
Diablo Productions K-11
Drake, Maxwell Alexander Q-01
Elephant Eater Comics P-16
Epicenter Comics Q-02
Essence Comics, LLC N-11
Etz Chaim Productions O-10
Fanbase Press O-03
Fantoons, LLC O-07
Farlaine the Goblin O-02
Forbidden Futures K-08
Friedrich, Paul P-15
Gallant Comics L-02
Ghoulish Bunny Studios N-08
Here There Be Monsters Press P-04
Hero Tomorrow Comics M-04
HexComix Q-07
Hochberg, Val N-12
HoraTora Studios N-05
Jeff Pina Writes & Draws Stuff Q-06
Jusscope O-09
Kazungul Books Q-04
Kim, Eunjung June O-15
Lawdog M-15
Lazy Bones Studios M-02
Le Petit Elefant L-07
Lil' Libros L-06 Q-13
Little Red House, The O-12
Mark Dos Santos Art N-02
Mark Page Design P-13
Martinez/John Hageman, Manuel M-03
Melvin the Super(Duper) Robot P-14
Millsap, Lonnie K-15
Monster Elementary Q-05
Moras Productions M-05
Mythopoeia Q-03
Mythos Comics L-13
Neat-O Comics N-14
Neely, Tom M-07
Patrick Scullin Comics P-02
Phantom Monster M-09
Phoenix Holdings Company Limited O-06
Pirate Cove P-01
Puna Press LLC K-10
Punching Pandas, LLC N-07
Rare Earth Comics P-07
Red Stylo Media K-02
Sorcery 101 M-12
Super Real Graphics L-16
Super-Abled Comics K-05
Tantrum Comics Group M-10
Timberwolf Entertainment LLC P-11
Tired Girl Collective O-13
Toshwerks Q-08
UA Comics K-06
Vampire Scrolls P-05
Walko, Bill O-05
Wannabe Press K-03
Warhead K. E. K. O-11
Warnerburg Studios Q-10
WCG Comics K-01
White Ash Comics L-10
Wuvable Oaf Comics L-11
Yaoi Revolution L-12
Zombicatures by Stan Yan K-14
Zonks Illustration L-05