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Michael Calero & Eben Burgoon


B-Squad Mission 1: Conspiracy in Cambodia

B-Squad Mission 1: Conspiracy in Cambodia

B-Squad is a hodge-podge of over-the-top mercenaries tasked with the leftover contracts no other mercenary group would take on. From clearing Hawaiian islands of a tsunami wave of nippy dachshunds to battling cosplayers over space opera scripts, No mission is too ridiculous or dangerous for the expendable motley crew. 

A die roll by the writer Eben Burgoon determines which mercenary will meet his/her grim fate. After each untimely death the character is replaced by a new rookie Squad Member in the next mission. And the cycle rinses and repeats as the story follows the up and downs of a squad trying to hold it together.

In this first mission, the B-Squad takes on a group of radicalized hipsters that are convinced a cancer research institute in Cambodia is a front for an international conspiracy! Are the hipsters really poachers preying on the native Mogwai population or are they liberating these cute and naive creatures from illegal experimentation?

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