Welcome to the web-based version of Comic-Con Today. It’s been a long three years since we all got together. Comic-Con’s main goal is to return to an in-person event that is safe and fun for all, and we thank you for your support. See you next year.

Masquerade Winner for Best in Show

Best in Show: Beast Master Mandalorian – Worn By: Velma Rippstein and Tori Pence. Designed and Made By: Velmaripp Costuming.

2022 Souvenir Book

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Filled with lots of full-color articles, including: centennial tributes to Charles Schulz, Stan Lee, Jerry Robinson, and William S. Gaines; a celebration of the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man; 50th anniversary articles on Funky Winkerbean, Ghost Rider, Kamandi, Swamp Thing, and Luke Cage; and 40th anniversary pieces on The Rocketeer, Groo, and Love and Rockets. Plus: a special look back at Comic-Con’s 1970s El Cortez years! The cover is by special guest Bill Morrison.

Help Us Make Spider-Meme History

Today at 3 PM, we are creating the largest Spider-Man meme in front of the Comic-Con Museum. You know the meme, Marvel’s Spider-“Men” pointing at each other, trying to determine just which one is the imposter from what Spider-Verse. What if we added dozens more? Just a big mass of cosplayers and costumed fans as Spider-Man (Peter Parker and Miles Morales), Ghost-Spider, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham, and more! The goal is to help celebrate Spider-Man’s 60th birthday and make meme history! Don your best Spider-Man cosplay and join the fun.

The Comic-Con Museum is located in Balboa Park, 2131 Pan American Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101 and is currently home to the world premiere of “Marvel's Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing – The Exhibition.” The meme photo will take place at 3 PM at the Comic-Con Museum (outside, in front of the museum).


Limited Signings [Full Details]

For all Limited Signings: Ticket Line-Up, 7:00 AM-9:00 AM; Ticket Drawing, 9:00 AM-10:00 AM

Pierce Brown, author (Red Rising series)

AA05 | 12:00-1:00

Actor Omar Epps Shares First Look At New Afrofuturist Fantasy Series, Omar Epps, writer/actor (Nubia: The Awakening, House, This Is Us, Juice, Love & Basketball)

AA03 | 12:45-1:45

Todd McFarlane, artist (Spawn, Venom)

AA04 | 1:00-2:30


J. Scott Campbell - Signing Rules:

  • First item to be signed is FREE
  • Additional items are $30 each
  • No GRADED signatures. Please drop off your books to the CGC booth to be included in the CGC Private Signing event.
  • Please limit each signing to 10 items. You may wait in line again to have more items signed.
  • Take your books out of their bags before the signing.
  • No sketching, no remarques.
  • No interviews during the signing

10:00-11:00 | AA04


George R. R. Martin

Additions and Corrections

Masquerade Updates

Comic-Con is proud to thank our expert judges at last night Masquerade:

  • Laura Jean Shannon, Costume Designer with the Hollywood  Costume Designers Local 892, is an Associate Producer and the Supersuit designer on The Boys and its spin off Gen V.  Laura Jean is the Specialty Costume Designer for DC’s Doom Patrol, Titans, Stargirl, Black Lighting and others. Her film credits include: Ironman, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Jungle Book, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, 2 Guns, Blade Trinity, and Elf.  and many more. Shannon’s work has a wide range. She began her career in New York city designing indie cult classics such as Requim for a Dream. She and her son Seth love judging the masquerade here at Comic-Con and first started coming when he was in a stroller.
  • Shannon Short,  Costume Manufacturing Foreperson, Hollywood Local 705, started out in his hometown Branson, Missouri, “The Country Music Show Capital of the World,” working with artists such as Johnny Cash, Yakov Smirnoff, and Dolly Parton. After earning his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Master of Fine Arts in Costume Design and Construction, he toured with Broadway musicals, including Jekyll & Hyde and Ragtime. For 12 years with Royal Caribbean Entertainment he held the position of Head Costumer, installing Broadway and West End shows such as CATS, Mamma Mia!, Grease, and Chicago, as well as ice-capades and aqua shows.  Next, he settled down in Hollywood with IATSE 705 starting out as a Patternmaker on The Mandalorian, then Manufacturing Foreperson on The Book of Boba Fett and Star Trek: Picard. Shannon currently works with Costume Designer Laura Jean Shannon as her Manufacturing Foreperson for the shows Titans, Doom Patrol, and The Boys. He is most thankful for his amazing mate, writer/director Chris Peckover, without whom he would lose his mind.
  • Gigi “Fast Elk” Bannister (formerly Porter) has been in the film industry for over 35 years as a Special Effects Artist, Director, Producer, and actor. Better known for her practical special effects and production work, Gigi is experienced on both sides of the camera, and is a popular guest at horror conventions, film festivals, workshops, and seminars. For several years she has donated time at San Diego Comic-Cons to assist Masquerade contestants with their special effects make-up needs. Gigi is credited as a Producer on Don Coscarelli’s "Phantasm V: Ravager" and Steve King's "One For the Road". As an actor she has appeared in several films including Small Town Saturday Night with Chris Pine and John Hawkes, and in Don Coscarelli's Bubba Ho-Tep with Bruce Campbell. She has produced and directed on numerous projects including dozens of live events, fundraisers and seminars, six independent feature films, and six shows for television.
  • Allan Lavigne is a self-taught costumer, make-up special effects artist, sculptor, and painter with 40 years’ experience in costume fabrication. Formerly a top winner in fan costuming for many years at comics, science-fiction and other popular arts conventions around the USA, including many San Diego Comic-Cons, he now does professional costuming projects for Disney, Lucasfilm, Sony Pictures, and more. In his Bronze Armory studio located in the San Francisco Bay Area, he creates, lectures, and teaches.  Allan’s costume exhibits of screen-accurate motion picture and television costume reproductions for museums led to his work being featured at the opening of the San Diego Comic-Con Museum in 2021 and 2022, and has also been displayed at film premieres and many convention art shows.  Prior to that his exhibit “The Batman Armory” was featured at the San Francisco Cartoon Museum, requested by Warner Brothers to promote the new Batman encyclopedia: Batman: The Definitive History of the Dark Knight in Comics, Films and Beyond which Allan was technical advisor for.

In addition, a new award has been added. The David C. Copley Award for Most Innovative Costume: UCLA's David C. Copley Center for The Study of Costume Design bestowed on their favorite entry the UCLA/TFT Copley Center Design Award of a $1,000 gift card to, plus a copy of the beautiful book Hollywood Costume by Copley Center Director Deborah Nadoolman Landis, PhD.

All Masquerade award recipients are listed below.

Museum Hours

The Comic-Con Museum hours are incorrect as listed in the Quick Guide. The correct hours are as follows:

Daily 10 AM-6 PM

Note that a separate admission is required for the Comic-Con Museum. However, a free shuttle to the Museum is available with paid admission (on Harbor Drive, near the Manchester Hyatt Hotel).

Program Cancellations

25 Years of Oni Press: Classic to Modern,11:30 AM – 12:30 PM, Room 23ABC

How to Incorporate Cosplay In Learning Spaces, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

The Nearest Stars within 100 Light Years, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM, Room 32AB

Riverdale, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM, Hall H

Spotlight on Mariko Tamaki, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, Room 4

If you didn’t have a chance to see Marvel's Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing – The Exhibition at the Comic-Con Museum this week, the Exhibition will be open through January 1, 2023. Click to purchase Tickets or for more Information.

Masquerade Results

Last night the 48th annual Comic-Con Masquerade filled Ballroom 20, with overflow in the Sails Pavilion and Ballroom 6A.  It featured 29 entries, with a total of over 50 costumes crossing the stage.  Our Masters of Ceremonies were artist/writers Phil and Kaja Foglio of Studio Foglio. For the Judging intermission we were treated to a Star Wars light-saber drama-performance by the Jedah Temple Saber Guild, and an amazing modern dance performance by the Corps Dance Crew.

Masquerade Trophy winners were:

Best in Show: Beast Master Mandalorian – Worn By: Velma Rippstein and Tori Pence. Designed and Made By: Velmaripp Costuming.

Judges’ Choice: Cosmic Ghost Rider – Worn By: Kenneth Quilantang Jr. Designed and Made By: Kenneth Quilantang Jr. (JCQ Cosplay).

Best Re-Creation: Godzilla – Worn By: Robert Pruitt. Designed and Made By: Robert Pruitt (Co-Founder of Cosplay Odyssey).


Best Original Design: Katherine Howard from Six: The Musical – Worn By: Michaela Sullivan. Designed and Made By: Layla Belle Cosplay.

Best Workmanship: Noelle from Genshin Impact – Worn By: Vivsai. Designed and Made By: Vivsai.

Most Humorous: Black Flame – Worn, Designed, and Made By: Chad Hatter, Connor Breen, Veronica Swarens, Cassidy Kahler, Bendy Mitchell, Logan Allison, Matt Gnojek, Chloe Torblaa, Ray Bender, Theo Tiedemann, Jordan Munn. Vocals By: Jason Marsden. Music Mixed By: Spencer Vandevier.

Black Flame

Most Beautiful: Aloy, from Horizon Zero Dawn – Worn By: Ainsley Bircher. Designed and Made By: Ainsley Bircher of Pigtails and Powertools.

Aloy, from Horizon Zero Dawn

Best Young Fan: Grogu the Great – Worn By: Mary Stella Zamora. Designed and Made By: Mary Stella Zamora and Amy Morales.

Grogu the Great

In addition, the judges awarded:

Honorable Mention for Re-Creation to: Kuiil, I Have Spoken – Worn By: Jeanie Herger. Designed and Made By: Jeanie Herger.

Honorable Mention for Workmanship to: Hydra Stomper – Worn By: Nicholas Simonton. Designed and Made By: Nicholas Simonton.

Honorable Mention for Best Young Fan to: Musical Lydia Deetz – Worn By: Amanda Dunn. Designed and Made By: Rey Dunn.

In addition to the above Trophy awards, the following companies gave awards.

The Costume Designers Guild IATSE Local 892: Noelle from Genshin Impact – Worn By: Vivsai. Designed and Made By: Vivsai.

The Art Directors Guild IATSE Local 800: For Original Concept Design, Beast Master Mandalorian – Worn By: Velma Rippstein and Tori Pence. Designed and Made By: Velmaripp Costuming. For Best Graphic Design, 1740’s Elizabeth Swann – Worn By: Adrienne of Waxsealed Costumes. Designed and Made By: Adrienne of Waxsealed Costumes.

The David C. Copley Award for Most Innovative Costume: Hydra Stomper – Worn By: Nicholas Simonton. Designed and Made By: Nicholas Simonton.

3DHQ: Cosmic Ghost Rider – Worn By: Kenneth Quilantang Jr. Designed and Made By: Kenneth Quilantang Jr. (JCQ Cosplay).

Comic-Con International Alan Campbell Award: Godzilla – Worn By: Robert Pruitt. Designed and Made By: Robert Pruitt (Co-Founder of Cosplay Odyssey).

The Costumer's Guild West:  Kuiil, I Have Spoken – Worn By: Jeanie Herger. Designed and Made By: Jeanie Herger.

Frank & Son Collectable Show: The Farquaad Squad – Worn By: Moria Magre, Lucy Fitzgerald, Victor Magre, and Nina Inman. Designed and Made By: Mines of Moria Cosplay.

For details on company prizes, see Masquerade (Additional Awards).

Comic-Con Gallery

Dwayne Johnson: Looking Like an Action Figure…

But it’s Really Him

Hello Lord Vader: The Cute is Strong in this One

Reclining Spider-Person

Tatiana Maslany: She-Hulk Scans the Crowd in Hall H

The Minilorian: Mando in Training

American Horror Story: Doll on the loose

Paul Rudd Teases New Quantumania Film

The High Evolutionary Threatens the Hall H Crowd

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