Comic-Con@Home Virtual Portfolio Review

Calling all imaginative, experimental, and unpretentious artists! 

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this may be the year for someone (besides your friends and family) to critique your art. Since Comic-Con is virtual this year, we have an exciting opportunity for you! 

Some of our Industry Companies are conducting virtual portfolio review sessions. If you have attended Portfolio Review sessions at previous Comic-Cons, you know there was a strict procedure to follow each morning, which along with other steps involved getting in a line. Guess what? With Comic-Con@Home, there is no lining up this year. You can submit your portfolio from the comfort of your home.

Please closely read the information and directions provided by each Company as to how to submit your portfolio. Remember, there is no guarantee that a Company will reach out to you to schedule a virtual portfolio review session.


Company Information

Committed Comics

Committed Comics is excited to once again be participating in the Comic-Con@Home event. We are seeking talented individuals who have the drive, desire, and talent to become comic book professionals. Up to 10 portfolios will be reviewed on July 24th & 25th between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm via Zoom.

All areas of comic book creation are encouraged to send in their portfolios, though special attention will be given to the following folks:

  • Interior/sequential artist
  • Creator owned series (with creative teams in place)
  • Concept and storyboard artist are welcome to submit their portfolios for networking purposes, but we are not actively seeking talent in those arenas. Writers are encouraged to submit samples and reviews maybe done for writers outside of the Comic-Con@Home event.

Please visit the Committed Comics website to see submission requirements for the company:

Technical Details:
All portfolios should be PDF format, emailed to as an attachment and no larger than 15 MB (8 – 10 MBs preferred). Submissions that do not match the requested format will be passed over.

Committed Comics was founded in 1999 with the sole purpose to provide aspiring comic creators as well as seasoned veterans a place to express themselves. Provide opportunities to tell their stories and bring their creations to the public. Committed Comics has worked with legendary creators like Dick Ayers, Ron Lim, Alethia Martienz, Randy Emberlin, and Bill Maus as well as provided creative opportunities for Dustin Weaver, Camilla d’Errico, Filip Sablik, Kensuke Okabayashi and more! We continue to push the limits of storytelling and allow dedicated creators a place to reside. We love the comic book industry inside and out - Comics Books For Fans, By Fans!

VIZ Media Logo

VIZ Originals is excited to host virtual portfolio reviews for aspiring manga creators! We want to meet creators inspired by manga techniques and would like to see samples of your sequential art that highlight dynamic paneling, skillful black-and-white artwork, and compelling storytelling. Up to 20 portfolios will be selected for reviews to be held on Saturday, July 24th and Sunday, July 25th.

Visit our sign-up form at to submit your portfolio for consideration.

Submissions must be received no later than 6 pm PST July 22nd to be considered. Those selected will be notified by July 23th. Reviews will be done using Zoom, so please test it beforehand as we have limited time for each review.