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Professional FAQ

Professional FAQ
Comic-Con 2019 professional badge registration is now closed. All professional badges and guest badges must have been registered by May 6, 2019.



Professional badges and guest badges will only be shipped to the verified, domestic address of the registering professional as of May 13, 2019. Professionals with international or unverified addresses will need to pick up their badges onsite.

Orders will not be re-shipped. Badges unable to be delivered for any reason (lost in transit/dog scared the postman away/aliens/returned to sender/etc.) must be picked up when you arrive onsite. For more information about onsite badge pick-up, please check here as we get closer to the event!

If you do not receive your badge within 7 - 10 business days from the date you receive your shipping confirmation email, please contact Comic-Con at We will not respond to any emails sent prior to the 7 – 10 day mark. Be sure to include your Comic-Con Member ID and full name when you email us! 

We are unable to ship to an international or unverified address. If you are an international professional or you did not verify your mailing address by May 13, 2019, you will be able to pick up your badge when you arrive onsite. Information regarding the location and time for onsite pick-up can be found in your confirmation email, available in the "Professionals" tab of your Member ID.

If you cannot find your Comic-Con badge confirmation, you can conveniently resend it to your email by logging into your Comic-Con Member ID account, selecting the “Professionals” tab, and clicking the yellow “Resend Comic-Con Badge Confirmation” button. If you do not receive your confirmation within 30 minutes, please check your “Opt-Outs” under the “My Account” tab to make sure “Third Party” is not selected.

PRO TIP: If you resend your badge confirmation after May 13, 2019, your badge confirmation will contain additional details regarding badge pick-up!

NEW FOR 2019! RFID cards are a thing of the past! This year, a complete Comic-Con 2019 badge is made up of two pieces only: the plastic badge holder with an RFID sticker attached and your paper name badge(s). This means you will no longer have a separate RFID card in addition to your paper badge! You must wear and display your complete badge at all times while onsite and at any official Comic-Con event. Your badge is invalid if it is missing the plastic holder or the attached RFID sticker. 

If your badge is stolen, please notify us at and include your full name and Comic-Con Member ID. RFID technology allows us to “disable” your stolen badge and issue you a new one when you arrive onsite. The badge that was lost or stolen from your mailbox will not be valid for entry to Comic-Con.

Badges undelivered for any reason (lost in transit/dog scared the postman away/aliens/returned to sender/etc.) can be replaced onsite. We cannot re-ship undelivered badges for any reason. Badges will be shipped in a plain, non-descript package for safety. Please be careful not to discard your badge(s) by accident. For more information about onsite badge pick-up, please check here as we get closer to the event.

Yes! Tracking information will be available in your Comic-Con Member ID account. After you receive an email confirming that your badge has been shipped, log in to your Member ID account and select the “Contact Info” tab. Your tracking number will be displayed at the top of the tab, above your contact information.

Guest of professional badges are sent to the professional who registered them. Please contact the professional who registered you as a guest to arrange the receipt of your badge; we cannot hold badges at the Professional Registration Desk.

You will be able to pick up your Comic-Con lanyard, Events Guide, Quick Guide, Souvenir Book, and souvenir bag upstairs in the Sails Pavilion of the San Diego Convention Center when you arrive onsite. These items will not be shipped in advance. Look for signage that says "Bag, Books, and Lanyard" for directions to the pick-up area. 

Anyone with damaged or tampered with badges/RFID stickers will not be allowed access to the San Diego Convention Center. If your RFID sticker is damaged or has been removed, please bring your badge confirmation, damaged badge, and a valid photo ID to the Professional Registration Desk in the Sails Pavilion when you arrive onsite.

There will be NO onsite registration for professionals or guests.

 The refund deadline was May 13, 2019. Your Comic-Con badge purchase is non-refundable at this time. Click here for more information.


Click here to create your Comic-Con Member ID. A Comic-Con Member ID is free and available to all adults and juniors (ages 13 - 17) with a valid email address.

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of both Comic-Con and the industries that serve the popular arts, we have updated the requirements and categories for professional badge registration. The categories of “creative professional” and “trade professional” have been dissolved, and all members who meet the qualifications and are approved are simply considered “professionals.” All professional badges are granted the same level of access to Comic-Con. Please see below for new information regarding the qualifications for professionals.

Professional Qualifications

COMIC-CON AND WONDERCON ANAHEIM are pleased to provide complimentary badges to professionals who are active in the creation of comic books, graphic novels, digital/webcomics, comic strips, and animation, as well as genre-related illustrators, and science fiction/fantasy authors, and book editors. This includes roles such as: writer, artist, penciller, inker, colorist, letterer, and animator. Qualifying work must be provided to indicate a professional’s involvement in these projects.

We cannot guarantee professional badges to those who fall outside of the categories listed above. However, all other professionals and executives who are employed in entertainment & popular culture fields (film, television, toy & apparel design, and other related industries) are welcome to apply during our next application period, and we will consider each application on an individual basis. Not all professionals in these industries can be accommodated, and access to badges and guest badges may be limited.

As part of our commitment as an educational non-profit organization, Comic-Con and WonderCon Anaheim welcome educators and librarians to attend as professionals. If you fall under one of these professional categories, please feel free to apply during our next application period.

All professional badges are limited, and not all applicants who meet the guidelines can be accommodated. Professional verification and approval is ultimately at the discretion of Comic-Con.

If you have already submitted an application, your member class will change to a professional member class if you are approved. You do not need to sign up for a new Member ID if you already have one. Your existing Member ID will automatically change to a professional member class if you are approved as a qualifying professional.

The application period for Comic-Con 2019 is now closed. All applications and verification materials were due by August 16, 2018. 

Because Comic-Con receives so many applications to attend as a professional, we ask that applicants supply verification materials as proof of occupation in the industry. Verification materials can include credited or uncredited work. If the work is uncredited, both proof of employment and job title must be provided. If you are not sure exactly what to submit, send information that verifies your qualifying job title, position, or type of work. Below are some suggestions to help you. Your own verification documents may not be these exact documents, but use these examples and suggestions as a starting point:

For credited work:

If your work appears in credits, please circle where your name is credited, and mark the page clearly so we can easily locate your credits. Do not send a URL or link. You must print the webpage and circle your name. You can submit an original or a photocopy of the credits page, a sample of the work, or a screen capture. Photocopies of SAG, Writers Guild, or Directors Guild cards; end credits of a game, freelance contracts, proof of membership in the National Cartoonists Society or CAPS, or a printed-out webpage such as IMDB, MobyGames, etc. that clearly displays your name and title as an artist are also acceptable. Photocopies must be readable or your application will not be processed.

For uncredited work:

Please submit two forms of verification that show your job title and the company you work for. These may include a business card AND an employee badge, a printout of your company webpage listing you as a principal or executive of the company, or a letter from the company stating your name and your job title as an artist or company executive. If your job title does not clearly explain the work and how it qualifies for a professional badge, include a detailed description of your work. If your job title, position, or type of work would normally fall in the credited work category, submit your credits, or an explanation why you are not submitting credits.

Comic-Con processes over 12,000 professional applications every year. With this kind of volume, we need to employ temporary staff that may not necessarily be familiar with your professional credits.

Comic-Con requires that all professionals resubmit verification materials every three years with continued qualifying work. As a nonprofit organization, Comic-Con is able to provide a professional badge to individuals who meet the published guidelines and who provide verification materials of qualifying artistic credits or proof of employment with qualified job titles.

No. All applications and materials must be sent via email or post mail.

If you cannot, or choose not to, provide the required verification materials, we suggest you purchase a badge through general attendee registration. Your application as a professional cannot be processed if you do not provide verification of your work as a professional in the comics or related popular arts. Listing your work projects on your application is not considered verification. You must submit qualifying verification materials to support the projects on your application.

Approved professionals were guaranteed a professional badge if registered prior to the deadline. The deadline to register for a professional badge was May 6, 2019. 

Each professional was eligible to register guest badges up to their total allotment until the May 6, 2019 registration deadline.

Yes! All professional guests are required to have their own confirmed Comic-Con Member ID. You must enter your guests' Member ID during online registration. You will not have the opportunity to go back in and enter it at a later date. Make sure all of your guests sign up for their own Member ID before attempting to register them.

The deadline for guest corrections was May 13, 2019.  If you or your guest have experienced extenuating circumstances, please contact and we will assist as able.

Because of the high volume of applicants, applications and materials submitted after the deadline will not be accepted for Comic-Con 2019 under any circumstances.