In addition to the awesome free Comic-Con Shuttle buses, there are plenty of other ways to get to downtown San Diego without dealing with the hassle of driving and parking your own vehicle. Trust us, the downtown streets can get crazy busy and finding parking can be a real headache. So, we strongly recommend using public transportation instead. It's a much easier way to navigate and you won't have to stress about finding a parking spot!

Comic-Con’s FREE Shuttle Bus

Please click here for our Shuttle Bus information, including a schedule and map. Please note: There is no shuttle service from 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM each day. The shuttles that go to Petco Park will NOT move to the Convention Center driveway at night.

Harbor Drive Restrictions During Comic-Con

Please click here for important information about the Harbor Drive restrictions during Comic-Con 2023, plus other traffic flow and road closure information.

MTS Trolley Service

San Diego is home to a great trolley service and, best of all, it stops right at the Convention Center in two different spots:

  • Across from Hall A (Convention Center Station at Harbor Drive and First Ave.)

  • Near Hall D (Gaslamp Station at Harbor Drive and Fifth Ave.)

Use their online Trip Planner tool to plan your trip to Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center, and purchase commemorative passes. Download a PDF of it all here!

Getting to Comic-Con is just a quick Trolley ride from Mission Valley, Old Town, and park-and-ride facilities all over the map.

How to Ride the Trolley

Plan Your Journey: Ensure you know your destination and become familiar with it before starting your trip.
Locate Your Trolley Stop: Aim to arrive at your stop well in advance to account for potential crowds, especially during the busy week of Comic-Con.
Obtain a Pass: Use the PRONTO app or purchase a physical ticket from the vending machines available at each trolley stop.
Riding the Trolley: Be prepared to present your ticket (either on the app or as a physical slip) to fare inspectors, whether on the platform or while onboard.
Secure Yourself: Regardless of your seating or standing position, always hold onto available handholds and railings for safety.
Deboarding Caution: Ensure you have all your belongings before leaving the trolley.
Practice Etiquette: Allow people to exit before you board and keep spaces designated for seniors and disabled individuals clear for those who need them.

Coaster Commuter Train

The COASTER train runs from Oceanside to downtown San Diego, stopping at eight stations in between. It offers 30 trips on weekdays, 32 trips on Fridays, and 20 trips on Saturdays and Sundays. The entire route takes about an hour. The train stops at the Santa Fe Train Depot in downtown San Diego, close to the Convention Center. From there, if you're looking to get even closer, take a trolley from Santa Fe Train Depot straight to the front of the Convention Center! (see image above)

Click here to visit the COASTER website for ticket and travel information.

Amtrak Pacific Surfliner

The Amtrak Pacific Surfliner connects San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo. Reserve your ticket in advance and consider upgrading to Business Class for a guaranteed seat. The train stops at downtown San Diego's Santa Fe Depot on Broadway and Pacific Highway, a short walk or a few trolley stops from the Convention Center. Get discounted trolley passes on board the Pacific Surfliner at the onboard Café.

★ Avoid closures and slowdowns by following Amtrak’s Twitter account which always shares real-time train status updates. CLICK HERE FOR AMTRAK UPDATES
 Click here for Amtrak Pacific Surfliner reservations. 


Cruising on Two Wheels?

When cruising through San Diego on a bike or scooter, you'll discover numerous parking spots to safely store your wheels. With a wide array of shared mobility options available throughout the city, there's no need to worry about expensive gas or ride-sharing prices. Explore the links below for detailed information on scooters, bikes, and other shared mobility devices.