Comic-Con Today: Sunday

Comic-Con Today: Sunday


Welcome to the Sunday edition of Comic-Con Today, your guide to the latest and greatest of Comic-Con Special Edition.


Here to Help for More Than Two Decades

The Comic-Con Deaf and Disabled Services team is here to help! For those attending Comic-Con with disabilities, or are deaf/hard-of-hearing, we want to make your experience as fun and entertaining as possible. Please stop by and meet the hardworking Deaf and Disabled Services team and say “Hello.” For Comic-Con Special Edition, they are located in the lobby of Hall H. The dedicated team can provide the following assistance: badge retrieval for those with mobility issues; a rest area for the disabled, the elderly, expectant mothers, and parents with small infants; an enclosed area for parents with infants or those with sensory needs; wheelchairs for loan; American Sign Language interpreters for the deaf at large panels and most special events, with additional volunteer interpreters available to help you communicate on the Exhibit Hall floor and elsewhere in the convention center; and special limited seating for large programming events and the masquerade.Here to Help for More Than Two Decades

The Deaf and Disabled Services team has been assisting Comic-Con attendees for more than two decades, with a core staff dedicated to providing support to those who need a little extra support. Look for the Deaf and Disabled Services sign in the lobby of Hall H. They're here to help.

We Want Your Blood


Comic-Con Special Edition Blood Drive

Comic-Con’s Robert A. Heinlein Blood Drive, the San Diego Blood Bank’s largest and longest-running blood drive, is still going on, with donation areas located in the Marina Ballroom at the downtown Marriott Marquis Hotel and at San Diego Blood Bank Donation Centers. The Blood Drive is being held in the Marina Ballroom today from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. If you haven’t already made an appointment online, you can do so at the Blood Drive Desk in the Exhibit Hall, Booth 2034. You can also donate at any one of San Diego Blood Bank’s eight Donation Centers or mobile drives through Sunday, December 12. Donors will receive a free T-shirt and other goodies (while supplies last). Appointments are strongly requested and will be honored first, but walk-ins are also welcome.

Additions and Corrections


Patrick Labyorteaux
, actor (NCIS, The Last Sharknado: It's About Time, JAG)
AA15 11:00 am–2:00 pm

Gigi Bannister
Reggie Bannister
Namina Forna
Tammy Locke
Stewart Strauss
Charlie Schlatter
Camden Toy

Programs Cancellation

1:30–2:30 | The Greatest Voices in Animation and Games, Room 5AB

Comic Con Gallery

CCSE cosplay

Ready to throw a wicked spell

Bauer and Connor Lee

Brothers in Cardboard, Bauer and Connor Lee of Cardboard Superheroes

Cosplayers taking a selfie

In a selfie far, far away

Child at pinball machine

Sure plays a mean pinball

CCSE cosplay

Hand over the droid!

CCSE exhibit hall

I think we found him

CCSE deciding box

Another winner from the Box of Deciding



Toucan Tip of the Day

Do you like the smaller and more relaxed pace of Comic-Con Special Edition? Do you like being able to get from one end of the Exhibit Hall to the other without having to come up with a strategy? Oh wow, do we have a show for you. WonderCon Anaheim, April 1–3, 2022, is a great convention. We planned Comic-Con Special Edition with a show the size of WonderCon in mind. Actually, Special Edition is even a bit smaller. WonderCon has many of the same advantages a smaller show affords, including easy to buy badges and reasonably priced hotels. WonderCon is big enough to be awesome, and small enough to be a whole lot of fun. Look for information on the upcoming WonderCon badge sale soon.



Comic-Con Today: Sunday


Masquerade Results

Last night, the Comic-Con Special Edition Masquerade gathered an impressive crowd.  It featured over 20 entries, with a total of almost 40 costumes crossing the stage.  Our Mistress of Ceremonies was popular fantasy artist Sue Dawe. An impressive group dance performance was the main feature at Intermission, performed by the amazing Corps Dance Crew, followed by a Star Wars light-saber performance by the Saber Guild performance group.

The winners were:

Best in Show: Queen Elizabeth the First, Worn By: Rebecca Roberts Ryan; Designed and Made By: Rebecca Roberts Ryan
Judges’ Choice: Beauty & The Beast, The Dance, Worn By: Nat Lawson, Ken Hazelett and Bryn Lawson; Designed and Made By: Nat Lawson, [based on art by Greg Luzniak]
Best Re-Creation: Giga Megaman, Worn By: Chris Priddy; Designed and Made By: Chris Priddy
Best Original Design: General Major Thomas Thompson, Worn By: Monti Aminian; Designed and Made By: Monti Aminian
Best Workmanship: Arakkoa Outcast as Skeksi, Worn By: Leah Rutherford; Designed and Made By: Leah Rutherford
Most Humorous: The Incredible Hulk, Cosplaying Freddie Mercury, Worn By: Gregory Harris; Designed and Made By: Gregory Harris
Most Beautiful: Dancing With The Celestials, Worn By: Chad Evett, Veronica Swarbe, Theo Tiedemann, Jordan Munn, Garrett Gage, Chloe Torbla, Ray Bender, David Bowne, Matthew Gnojek and Connor Breen; Designed and Made By: Chad Evett, Jordan Munn, Connor Breen with Wigs by Lisa Fabio 

All the winners above also received free full memberships to next year’s San Diego Comic-Con (up to five memberships per winning group), our extra thank you for all the hard work and dedication.

In addition, the judges awarded: 

Honorable Mention to Golden Eagle Wonder Woman, Worn By: Liz McFarland; Designed and Made By: Liz McFarland
Honorable Mention to Sexy AF Red Trooper, Worn By: Catherine M. Fisher; Designed and Made By: Catherine M. Fisher
Honorable Mention to Kassandra the Eagle Bearer, Worn By: Maddie Caffarel; Designed and Made By: Maddie Caffarel

The following company- and organization-sponsored prizes were presented as follows:

The Art Directors Guild (ADG, IATSE Local 800) has presented panels at Comic-Con for a dozen years and has among its members art directors, graphic artists, illustrators, matte artists, model makers, production designers, scenic artists, set designers, and title artists of the motion picture, theater, and TV industries. The ADG presented two awards: Award For Original Concept Design presented to Arakkoa Outcast as Skeksi, Worn By: Leah Rutherford; Designed and Made By: Leah Rutherford, and Best Graphic Design, presented to the entry whose printed, painted, or sculpted graphics were superior, awarded to Golden Eagle Wonder Woman, Worn By: Liz McFarland; Designed and Made By: Liz McFarland. Each award came with a $500 prize.

The Costumer's Guild West presented a full scholarship and one night’s hotel stay (valued at $500) to their weekend conference, Costume College, which provides educational lectures and workshops in every aspect of costuming. Costume College is held at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills, CA. The prize is valid for either July 2022 or July 2023 and was presented to Dune Stillsuit, Worn By: Terence Johnson; Designed and Made By: Terence Johnson.  

Frank & Son Collectable Show, of the City of Industry, CA, bestowed a generous $1,000 cash prize, plus a fabulous trophy to what they deemed by applause to be the audience favorite entry to Dancing With The Celestials, Worn By: Chad Evett, Veronica Swarbe, Theo Tiedemann, Jordan Munn, Garrett Gage, Chloe Torbla, Ray Bender, David Bowne, Matthew Gnojek and Connor Breen; Designed and Made By: Chad Evett, Jordan Munn, Connor Breen with Wigs by Lisa Fabio.

In addition, Comic-Con Special Edition presented a special costuming award given in memory of a long-time Committee and Board of Directors member Alan Campbell, who passed away in 2019 and is sorely missed. Alan was a great fan of the Masquerade and at times generously donated his own prize. The Special Edition Alan Campbell Award of $500 cash was presented to the entry deemed Best Re-Creation of a Comics Character or Characters in the show to Golden Eagle Wonder Woman, Worn By: Liz McFarland; Designed and Made By: Liz McFarland.

In addition, all contestants are eligible during the convention for a complimentary 3D Scan and a 3D digital avatar of themselves in their costume, suitable for insertion into media, and also usable with a free Augmented Reality app, courtesy 3DHQ (booth 2362).

CCSE Masquerade: Best in Show

Best in Show

CCSE Masquerade: Judges Choice

Judges Choice

CCSE Masquerade: Best Recreation

Best Recreation

CCSE Masquerade: Best Original Design

Best Original Design

CCSE Masquerade: Best Workmanship

Best Workmanship

CCSE Masquerade: Most Humorous

Most Humorous

CCSE Masquerade: Most Beautiful

Most Beautiful

CCSE Masquerade: Best Graphic Design

Comic-Con Alan Campbell Award/Art Directors Guild – Local 800, Best Graphic Design


Thank you for your support of Comic-Con Special Edition. We look forward to seeing many of you at WonderCon Anaheim, April 1–3, 2022, and many more of you when Comic-Con returns next year on July 20–24, 2022.


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