The Comic-Con Special Edition Films Program is here to show movies for your viewing pleasure from morning through late at night! Screenings begin on Friday, November 26, and run through the duration of Comic-Con Special Edition. So whether it’s a film you’ve been dying to see, or you just need a place to sit and relax, drop by the Films Room anytime during the convention. Escape to realms of myth and legend, run away with friends in search of adventure, join extraordinary heroes and heroines to save mankind from utter destruction, and celebrate some of the world’s most popular comic characters on the silver screen!

We are proud to show movies in high-definition, on the big screen with stereo sound, in an easily accessible location to those attending Comic-Con Special Edition. Please enjoy the show, but please remember to respect your fellow viewers by silencing your cell phones and refraining from talking during the movies. 

In addition to our in-person schedule of films, the Films Department has expanded into the virtual world!  Chat along with us and other viewers in our Watch Parties @Home through the Scener Google Chrome extension, running concurrently with Comic-Con Special Edition. Look online for our schedule of @Home events! 

Click on a session below to view more information as well as the video when the session goes live.

Note: The times listed are based on your current time zone.