Comic-Con Special Edition Program Book

We are excited to announce the cover of the Program Book for Comic-Con Special Edition, created by Sina Grace. CLICK HERE to download the Program Book today! 

Comic-Con Special Edition


Sina Grace is a writer and artist known for a prolific library of work that balances slice-of-life, blockbuster action, and everything in-between. His groundbreaking Iceman series at Marvel Comics paved the way for Grace to work on all his favorites: Jughead's Time Police for Archie, Wonder Woman for DC Comics, Go Go Power Rangers for BOOM! Studios, and The Haunted Mansion for Disney/IDW. He is currently promoting Getting it Together and the upcoming Rockstar and Softboy at Image Comics, as well as the comic book continuation of the hit game 2064: Read Only Memories for IDW.

The cover depicts fans and others as they return with excited anticipation to the San Diego Convention Center for Comic-Con Special Edition, our first in-person gathering since 2019.

Thank you, Sina!