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Comic-Con Museum@Home Celebrates Sherlock Holmes Day!

Sherlock Holmes Day at Comic-Con Museum

FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2020

Comic-Con Museum@Home Celebrates Sherlock Holmes Day!

The game is afoot (at home)! In honor of Sherlock Holmes Day and creator Arthur Conan Doyle’s 161st birthday, Comic-Con Museum@Home is here to teach you about the science of Sherlock. Learn how to catch your nemesis Moriarty with fingerprints, and send secret messages to Dr. Watson with invisible ink, plus the world premiere of our new video series Pop Culture Science, created in conjunction with the Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park!

Pop Culture Science: Forensic Science

The Comic-Con Museum and the Fleet Science Center are excited to introduce Pop Culture Science. This new event series explores the science behind everything we love about pop culture, from films, TV shows, comics, books, toys, to fandom and more.

While we can’t host any live events right now, we still want to share the fun of pop culture and science, and all the nerdiness that comes with it.

Click here or on the above title to watch our first Pop Culture Science video on Forensic Science as we celebrate Sherlock Holmes Day. The Fleet Science Center’s Andrea Decker interviews local forensic scientists Roxanne and Toniann to explore where TV shows like CSI and Bones got it right and where Hollywood has taken some creative license. Find out what really goes on at a crime scene and in a crime lab and what it takes to find out “Whodunnit!”

In addition, we have two fun @Home activities for the detective in all of us, with special downloadable activity sheets

Learn to Dust for Fingerprints @Home!

Collect clues like a real detective! Each person has unique fingerprints that are different from everyone else’s … but many fingerprints have designs in common like swirls or loops. Download this PDF and test around your house and see if you can identify which fingerprints belong to who, and what they’ve been touching!

Make Your Own Invisible Ink @Home!

Find and make secret messages like a real detective! Detectives AND villains often leave clues that they don’t want anyone reading. Download this PDF and find out how, with simple household items, you, too, can make and read secret messages and codes written in invisible ink at home in five easy steps.

Also check out our special Sherlock Holmes-themed Museum@Home Fun Book #5. Click here to download! And scroll down to access our other four Comic-Con Museum@Home Fun Books!

Sense of Wonder: The Art of WonderCon Anaheim

Sense of Wonder Art of WonderCon

Art and characters TM & © DC

Comic-Con Museum Cover Story

THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2020

Sense of Wonder: The Art of WonderCon Anaheim

The Comic-Con Museum’s last gallery exhibition before the Covid-19 stay at home protocols went into effect was “Sense of Wonder: The Art of WonderCon Anaheim,” which featured the last decade of WonderCon Program Book covers, including original art, concept sketches, pencils, inks, and color art. Since only a handful of people were able to see this exhibit in person, we’ve prepared a deep-dive video, which showcases the art through actual video of the exhibition plus a large array of close-up graphics. Join Museum Curatorial Director Gary Sassaman with behind-the-scenes stories about the covers, featuring the art of Jim Lee, Ryan Sook, Frank Quitely, Cliff Chiang, Babs Tarr, Michael Cho, Dan Jurgens, Lee Weeks, and Jen Bartel, along with a history of WonderCon and a look at all the show’s cover art from 1988 through 2020.

Click here or on the title above to watch!
BONUS! Cover Story PDF: The Story Behind the Covers

We’ve prepared a special 22-page PDF featuring all of the “Cover Story” articles from the WonderCon Anaheim Program Books from 2012 through 2019. These articles include interviews with some of the artists, additional info on the covers, and most of the art featured in the video presentation.

Click here to download the Cover Story PDF!

Comic-Con Museum@Home Fun Book Number 4 Available Now!

Comic-Con Museum@Home Fun Book Number 4 Available Now!

WOW! Four weeks in a row! Here's out latest Museum@Home Fun Book, featuring puzzles, drawing prompts, special group-play bingo games, and more, including the answer key to last week's puzzle!

Click here to download Comic-Con Museum Fun Book Number 4!

Comic-Con Museum@Home Fun Book Number 3 Available Now!

Comic-Con Museum@Home Fun Book #3


Comic-Con Museum@Home Fun Book Number 3 Available Now!

We're back with ANOTHER Comic-Con Museum@Home Fun Book for your coloring/puzzling/drawing pleasure! This issue contains a special salute to teachers, another drawing tutorial from Toucan's own Katie Cook and much more, including the answer keys to last week's puzzles!

Click here to download Comic-Con Museum Fun Book Number 3!

Comic-Con Museum@Home Fun Book Number 2 Available Now!

Comic-Con Museum@Home Fun Book #2


Comic-Con Museum@Home Fun Book Number 2 Available Now!

Hey … how about another Fun Book? Here’s even more fun stuff to do, including new puzzles, coloring pages, how to draw a “happy-go-lucky” robot by Katie Cook, and more, plus the answers to last week’s puzzles. This week’s issue has 10 pages filled with brand new content, created exclusively by Comic-Con!

Click here to download Comic-Con Museum Fun Book Number 2!

Introducing the Comic-Con Museum Fun Book!

Comic-Con Museum@Home Fun Book #1


Introducing the Comic-Con Museum Fun Book!

We’re all looking for fun stuff to do these days, and the Comic-Con Museum is here for you! Introducing our very first issue of the Museum Fun Book, featuring puzzles, coloring pages, and how-to-draw tutorial and coloring pages by the Toucan Blog’s Katie Cook (spoiler alert: It’s an OTTER!).

These exclusive activity pages have been created by the Museum staff and Comic-Con’s Programming staff, and this is just the very first issue! You can look for more issues of Fun Book coming soon … check back often for updates!

Click here to download Comic-Con Museum Fun Book Number 1!

Exclusive Comic-Con Museum Videos!

Exclusive Comic-Con Museum Videos!

The Comic-Con Museum has been hosting Facebook Live events over the past few months, and we’re linking to them here for your viewing pleasure. Click here to check out the Museum’s YouTube channel, or on the individual links below to see specific videos. We have more exclusive videos coming soon, so bookmark this Museum@Home page and check back often!

Sense of Wonder: The Art of WonderCon Anaheim with Jen Bartel

WonderCon Anaheim 2020 special guest Jen Bartel appeared at the Comic-Con Museum on February 19, 2020 to help launch the new gallery exhibition, Sense of Wonder: The Art of WonderCon Anaheim and to reveal her exclusive art for the WCA Program Book, featuring Wonder Woman. Jen discusses her career and shows examples of her art, including the how she created this year's cover.

The Art of Shag

The Art of Shag, a Comic-Con Museum showcase featured works from Josh Agle (Shag) himself! Imbued with a distinctive attitude and sly sense of humor, the works of Shag blend Pop Culture, Tiki Culture and the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic. His unique pieces are unmistakably of our time, but reminiscent of animation and commercial art from the fifties and sixties. In this video, Shag talks about his art, career, and the influences that have garnered him a world-wide following of fans!

Will Eisner Week: The Spirit of Comic-Con

From the first time he was a guest of the show in 1975, until his death in 2005, Will was an integral part of the Comic-Con family, investing in the community and professional institutions of the show. Besides always being onstage to hand out trophies at the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, he spearheaded the Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award, appeared on programs, did signings and always made time to encourage aspiring creators and fans. Sharing personal photos and reminiscences, Eisner Awards administrator Jackie Estrada shows you the Will Eisner she knew.

Will Eisner Week: To the Head of the Class—A Comic Educator Meet-up

Do you teach with comics? Do you want to, but don't know where to begin? Do you want to meet others who share a passion for comics in schools and libraries? This is the panel for you! Join CBLDF education contributor Betsy Gomez for an overview of the current landscape of comics and education, featuring Jewyl Clarke (integrated curriculum coordinator, San Diego County Office of Education), Erwin Magbanua (principal librarian, Chula Vista Public Library), and Karen Evans. Starting with his military service in World War II, Will Eisner was one of the earliest champions of the educational potential of comics; nothing would make him happier than being in a room full of teachers who share his values.

Life Forces: The Art of the Comics Memoir

Will Eisner pioneered the American comics memoir with To The Heart of the Storm, The Dreamer, and a host of semi-autobiographical graphic novels. A generation later, the genre is thriving, with stories for all walks of life by a diverse field of creators with a wide range of singular approaches. Creators Henry Barajas (La Voz De M.A.Y.O: Tata Rambo), Cecil Castellucci (Girl on Film), Mary Fleener (Life of the Party), Kate Leth (Valley Ghouls), and Victoria Ying (Mother Tongue) talk about the joys, challenges, heartbreaks, and breakthroughs that come with bringing real life to the comics page in this panel moderated by Laura Jones, Comic-Con operations and programming coordinator.

More videos are coming soon ... check back for updates!