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Terms and Conditions for Use of Comic-Con International RSS Feeds

We encourage your personal subscriptions to our various RSS Feeds.

However, if you plan to include them in your website, newsfeed, or personal blog, we request that you:

  • don't modify or delete any of the feeds' contents,
  • don't redistribute the feeds,
  • ensure that links continue to reference our website,
  • ensure that our feeds are properly credited to Comic-Con International and the respective convention represented by the feed.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, please ensure that your site is suitable for viewing by all ages of the general public and does not violate any laws of your area.

The presence of a Comic-Con International RSS Feed on a website does not mean that Comic-Con endorses or approves of the site, its content or its services.

Comic-Con International reserves the right to discontinue providing RSS feeds and to require that you cease accessing or using our RSS feeds, content, and logos at any time for any reason.