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001: Get Ready for Comic-Con 2022!

Comic-Con 2022 Toucan Tips

When Toucan Tips start flooding your feeds, it can only mean one thing … Comic-Con is right around the corner! We’re one month away from Comic-Con 2022, so let’s stop wasting time and get to the good tips!

Comic-Con 2022 launches on Wednesday, July 20, at 6:00 PM with Preview Night, and carries on for four more full days, Thursday through Sunday, July 21-24, at the San Diego Convention Center. This year’s set of tips are created to help you plan for the show, navigate through the convention center, and simply stay up to date on all the future daily activities. This year we’re setting out to post one Toucan Tip per weekday from now until Preview Night! We’ve got a lot of tips to share and we want you to feel totally covered before opening day.

All Toucan’s “Tip of the Day” this year can be found linked in our Categories list on the right sidebar. To ensure you never miss a tip (because on some days we may be posting more than once), we highly encourage you to bookmark Toucan so you never miss out on Official info about Comic-Con 2022!

It’s Time To Start Planning!

From skilled Comic-Con attendee veterans to excited newbies, there are some basics all should plan on bringing. While some items are a given (um … shoes, mask, anyone?), we’ll always feel the need to mention them, if only for the sake of completeness (you know how we collectors are!). Without further ado, here’s our polished list of items to consider bringing along with your own personal list of must-haves.

Top of the List:

Badge or Barcode Confirmation!
The majority of badges were mailed out in advance; however, international attendees will have to pick up their badges on-site, so make sure that you have your confirmation email ready to scan. Click here to see which days and times you can pick up your badge on-site!

Photo ID
You’ll need your ID - driver’s license, passport, government-issued ID card - in the case where you’re asked to show it with your badge, to pick up Comic-Con merch, or to verify a badge that may not have been mailed in advance.

Face Covering
In an effort to create a gathering that accommodates our stakeholders safely, everyone attending Comic-Con will be required to wear an approved face covering regardless of vaccination status. For more information and requirements on accepted face coverings, please Click Here.

Rest of the List:
  • Autograph Materials A dedicated booklet, or special goodies to have signed, along with several pens and markers should do the trick!
  • Backpack or Tote Bag Don’t forget to pick up your free WB souvenir bag, badge lanyard, and Comic-Con publications in the Sails Pavilion when you first arrive. Remember! No rolling carts, luggage, carts, etc. are allowed in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Batteries Extra batteries for cameras, battery banks for cell phones, etc.
  • Business Cards/Resumes/Portfolio Samples Get your business and networking self ready with your best cards, resumes, and samples.
  • Camera Capture the perfect moment either on phone or by camera … but remember, leave selfie sticks (or any device that extends your camera) at home. Absolutely no selfie sticks or similar items will be allowed on the grounds.
  • Cash While there are ATMs, they often have long lines, so be prepared and bring cash (and maybe even score a deal because of it!).
  • Comfortable Shoes Trust us, you will be doing a lot of walking – and lines can often be long. Comic-Con is definitely not the place to break in new shoes, so be sure to bring along a pair (or pairs) that are ready to go.
  • Hotel Info If staying in a hotel, make sure to print out your reservation info and keep it with you for safekeeping.
  • Maps Keep our map bookmarked on your phone/table. It’ll help show you all areas around the Convention Center as well as areas around your hotel. Download our official Comic-Con app for all updated convention center maps and information.
  • Refillable Water Bottle Stay Hydrated! There will be many water refill stations found around each level of the Convention Center.
  • Phone Chargers Carry this close to you for the moments you need to power up!
  • Poster Tubes/Art Sleeves/Sturdy Folders These can be easily purchased on-site, but it's always better to be prepared in case of awesome finds and freebies you might score.
  • Shipping Materials From boxes to labels to tape, all these items are necessary for shipping your amazing finds safely back home. There is a FedEx Office Business Center within the Convention Center, a Post Office on E Street, as well as a handful of locations in the outside surrounding areas also offering shipping materials.
  • Sketchbook Many artists who are sketching on-site recommend a sketchbook to help keep it all neatly together.
  • Snacks While there are plenty of food choices in and around the Convention Center, keep snacks in your hotel room or with you as you travel to remain active and energized.
  • Sweatshirts, Jackets, Coats While we do love our sunny summer days, our nights can often be chilly, and particular rooms in the Convention Center can be even chillier, so bring outerwear just in case.
  • Travel Info From flying and driving to taking the train and shuttle, it’s easiest to print out all reservation information and keep it close to your hotel and/or Comic-Con badge information in case of emergency.
  • Wish Lists Keep your lists updated, and even store them in your phone for easy access on the floor.

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