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004: Comic-Con 2022 eBay Badge Auctions

Comic-Con 2022 Toucan Tips

Once again Comic-Con is auctioning off canceled and returned Comic-Con 2022 attendee badges to the general public! We are continuing to raise funds for the Comic-Con Museum, located in San Diego’s Balboa Park, so that anyone can enjoy the magic of Comic-Con all year-round.

Check out our eBay account “sdcomic-con” for the first set of badges available. The last auction will close on Tuesday, July 19. So swoop them up before it’s too late!

Attendee badges will be sold to the highest bidders, and all revenue from this fundraiser will support the continued development of the Comic-Con Museum, which strives to provide the ongoing magic of Comic-Con to fans all year long.

There will be multiple auctions for badges listed every day leading up to Comic-Con 2022. If you miss out on or get outbid on one set, make sure to check back daily to try again! Each auction will be for up to two (2) Attendee 4-Day with Preview Night badges. Our lucky and generous auction winners will also be eligible to participate in Comic-Con 2023 Returning Registration.

The auction winner can register the badges to any person of their choice, but the registrant must have, or create, a valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID. The winner is not required to be one of the recipients of the badges won in auction. No additional badges on top of the acquired badges will be provided for any reason, but multiple auctions may be bid on/won.

Don’t get scammed by scalpers! Our “sdcomic-con” eBay account is the only authorized eBay seller of Comic-Con badges. All other eBay listings are not associated with the San Diego Comic Convention or the Comic-Con Museum. Comic-Con badges sold by any other eBay account or vendor are not considered valid. 

Please Note:
  • If you already have badges to the event and win this auction, you are not entitled, under any circumstances, to a refund of any badges you or your guest(s) currently hold. You will be allowed to redeem your listing for Attendee 4-Day with Preview Night badges only. 
  • Badges won at auction are non-refundable.
  • Nothing will be physically shipped to you as a result of winning this auction. You must redeem the codes prior to coming to the event, and badges must be picked up on-site.

Join us over the next few weeks as we post more Toucan Tips to help you enjoy and better navigate Comic-Con 2022!

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