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005: Costume Props Policy + Convention Policies

Comic-Con 2022 Toucan Tips

Our main objective is for all to have fun! For this to happen smoothly we’ve implemented several policies to ensure anyone and everyone can enjoy Comic-Con 2022 while feeling comfortable, safe, seen, and welcome. We urge you to read over our published Convention Policies for Comic-Con 2022 so that once on-site you won’t be surprised with any rules and regulations in place. Always be aware of these policies and follow them at all times to ensure that everyone has a memorable Comic-Con.

Click now to read the complete list of Comic-Con 2022 Convention Policies.

Cosplaying at Comic-Con 2022? Read this, please!
Costume Props Policy

No functional props or weapons are allowed at Comic-Con. Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as a part of your costume, subject to prior approval by security and compliance with the following:

  • All costume props and weapons must conform to state and federal law.
  • Projectile costume props and weapons must be rendered inoperable.

  • Functional (real) arrows must have non-metal blunt tips and be bundled and zip-tied to a quiver.

  • Costume swords must be anchored to your costume in such a way that they can’t be drawn.

  • Costumes featuring stilts must be approved at one of the Costume Props Desks.

  • A tag will be attached to your oversized props and prop weapons so to alert security on the floor that your item has been pre-checked and is good to go.

  • A new tag will be mandatory each day, so if you’re using the same prop each day, you are required to get it screened every day it is brought to the event. 

All costume props and weapons must be inspected daily at one of the two available Costume Props Desks located at:
  • Lobby C2, between the escalators
  • Lobby E, near the outside door

*At certain times, due to crowds and safety issues, people in oversized costumes may be asked to leave the Exhibit Hall.

*After your costume props have been checked, they will be tagged by security, and you will be given a wristband to wear to designate that your props have been checked. Your wristband is good only on the day it is issued; if you are bringing a costume prop(s) on multiple days, you will need to have it checked each day.

Security will escort you to the Costume Props Desk for inspection if your costume prop is not tagged.

If you do not want to have your costume props and weapons inspected or tagged, or if you are not willing to comply with these policies, please leave them at home or in your hotel.

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