#02 The Comic-Con 2015 FREE Shuttle Schedule and Map!

Comic-Con International 2015 Toucan Tip of the Day

We’ve posted the Comic-Con International 2015 Shuttle Schedule and Route/Stops Map, revealing the times, locations, and frequency of our fleet of FREE shuttle buses journeying to and from the Convention Center. This year’s schedule starts on Wednesday, July 8 at 3:00 PM and runs on that day until 12:00 AM. Beginning Thursday, July 9 at 4:30 AM, the shuttles run continuously (but with varying frequency) until Sunday, July 12 at 7:00 PM! These buses are your friends, taking you to your hotel or near where you parked. They’re particularly handy when you walk out of Comic-Con loaded down with all that great stuff you bought or picked up for free! The buses load up on the front walk of the Convention Center (depending on time of day and area serviced) … just download the PDF schedule (the link is on our Shuttle page) and study it to figure out which route is most convenient for you!

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