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#11: Programs at the San Diego Central Library

Comic-Con is once again expanding our campus to include the San Diego Central Library. This state-of-the-art location will be home to two panel rooms, which will run specific programming tracks featuring targeted content.

The first series of programs, devoted to education, literacy and library issues, will take place in the Shiley Special Events Suite on the 9th floor. This panel track starts on Wednesday, July 20 and continues on Thursday, July 21 through Saturday, July 23. The room is closed on Sunday. See the preliminary schedule of panels below.


Comic-Con 2016 at the San Diego Central Library

Photo G. Sassaman © 2016 SDCC

Comic-Con hopes to engage the community and promote comics as a medium for learning and as a literary art form. Our hope is to create an event that will allow librarians and educators to come together to learn ways to incorporate comics and graphic novels in their perspective fields. We also want to bring in publishers as part of the event to allow librarians and educators a chance to speak directly to them in regards to their plans to support comics and graphic novels in the classroom and libraries. In an effort to aid this goal, Comic-Con has opened up this specific panel track to educators and librarians without a Comic-Con badge. Those seeking to attend (who do not have a badge) can register by by clicking here. See the preliminary schedule of panels below.

The second track of panels, dedicated to podcasts and web series, will take place in the Neil Morgan Auditorium, on the 1st floor of the Library. This state of the art space will feature comic and fandom podcasts on Thursday and Saturday, and a series of panels devoted to web series on Friday. See the complete schedule below.

The San Diego Central Library’s official address is 330 Park Blvd., but the quickest way to get there is to take the pedestrian bridge next to the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, which exits onto Park Blvd. Walk up to 11th Avenue and make a left and the Library will be front of you. The entrance opposite 11th Ave. and K St. is where the Neil Morgan Auditorium is located. The 330 Park Blvd. entrance is on the opposite side of the building, adjacent to the trolley tracks. See the map below.

Comic-Con 2016 at the San Diego Central Library
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Education and Library Programs • Shiley Special Events Suite, 9th Floor
Wednesday, July 20
  • 4:00: Teaching with Comics: An Interactive Workshop for Educators
Thursday, July 21
  • 11:00: Free Comic Book Day in the Library
  • 12:00: Comics Are Literacy, Too!
  •   2:00: Graphic Novel Collection Development
  •   3:00: How to Host a Library Comic-Con!
  •   4:30: Making Comics in the Library
Friday, July 22
  • 11:00: Events/Community Relationships for Comics and Librarians
  • 12:00: Censorship of Kids Comics
  •   1:00: Kids Comics in 2026
  •   2:00: How Comics Are Created
  •   3:00: Trends in Kids Graphic Novels
  •   4:00: Expanding Diversity in Kids Comics
  •   5:00: State of the Kids Graphic Novel Industry
Saturday, July 23 
  • 10:00: Once Upon a Time: Teaching Fables, Fairy Tales, and Myths with Comics and Graphic Novels
  • 11:00: Teaching History with Graphic Novels
  • 12:00: Game On: Teach Students to Create Content-Themed Games
  •   1:00: Teaching STEM with Comics
  •   2:00: Solution Squad: Teaching Math Through Comics
  •   3:00: Nerd and Geek Culture in High Schools: Graphic Novels, Gamification, and Gamer’s Guilds
  •   4:00: The Nerd in the Classroom: Comics as an Educational Tool
  •   5:00: geekEd VI: College and the Nerd Brain

Comics & Fandom Podcasts/Web Series Programs • Neil Morgan Auditorium 1st Floor
Thursday, July 21 (Podcasts)
  • 11:00: This Week in Marvel: Live
  • 12:00: The Comixologist Traveling Podcast Party
  •   1:00: On the Mic Podcast Live from San Diego Comic-Con
  •   2:00: Two Packs A Week: The Trading Card Comedy Show
  •   3:00: Early History of Comic Book Films
  •   4:00: CBLDF Podcast Live: Dangerous Drawings
Friday, July 22 (Web Series)
  • 11:00: Nobility: The Screening
  • 12:00: Space Command: Bold Adventures in the Far Reaches of Space
  •   1:00: Stalking LeVar: Screening + Q&A
  •   2:00: How It Should Have Ended
  •   3:00: Bat in the Sun’s Super Power Beat Down
  •   4:00: Web Series Creators Unlimited
Saturday, July 23 (Podcasts)
  • 11:00: The Loikamania Podcast: One More Time
  • 12:00: Nerdibles: The Best Podcast You’re Not Listening To
  •   1:00: The Kaiju Kingdom Podcast: Discuss Monsters
  •   2:00: Children of Tendu Live: Episode Two: Tendu with a Vengeance
  •   3:00: Lost Fans Unite with Jay and Jack
  •   4:00: A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Fan Discussion

Stay tuned for our complete programming and events schedule, plus the online version of the Comic-Con 2016 Quick Guide publication, for the programming grids and maps featuring the various locations. Click here for our Toucan Tip devoted to the Comic-Con 2016 Campus.

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