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#17: The Final Countdown Begins!

WonderCon Anaheim 2019 Toucan Tips

The final countdown is ON! Before you know it, you’ll be wandering the Exhibit Hall or lining up for a panel. We hope our Toucan Tips have left you feeling prepared and ready for everything WonderCon Anaheim 2019 has to offer!

Before we launch into our recap, our Parking page has been updated! If you're driving to WonderCon, check it out. Also, consider public transportation. There are a number of events going on in Anaheim this weekend in addition to WonderCon.

Before we send you off to enjoy the show, here’s a convenient synopsis of some of the things we’ve talked about!

Check out our Special Guests!

We have an amazing list of Special Guests this year, including some of the most popular creators in comics! Please click here for detailed information about each WonderCon Anaheim 2019 special guest.

The WonderCon Anaheim 2019 Exhibitor Lists and Exhibit Hall Map are available online.

To see a PDF of the entire Exhibit Hall, please click here. Additionally, here are some links to individual exhibitor lis pages on our website:

Our Artists’ Alley and Small Press Checklist contains the best advice for navigating your way through these amazing, must-see WonderCon Exhibit Hall areas with ease.

The Blood Drive is Back!

We truly hope that you’ll take time out of your busy schedule to help save a life and “pay it forward.” The Red Cross will be at the Anaheim Convention Center for all three days of WonderCon Anaheim collecting blood donations. We encourage you to click here and schedule an appointment in advance.


The WonderCon Anaheim 2019 Masquerade will take place on Saturday at 8:30 PM in the Anaheim Convention Center Arena. More Masquerade info here!

Don’t forget your badge!

Or, be ready to pick it up onsite! If you purchased a badge by February 14, 2019 you should have received it in the mail. Make sure you bring it with you, and don’t forget to pick up your Program Book, bag, and lanyard in Hall E when you arrive. If you purchased after February 14, 2019, you will be able to pick up your badge, Program Book, bag, and lanyard when you arrive onsite. Visit our Badge Purchase FAQ for Registration Area hours.

Wear your badge at all times, and don’t forget to tap in and out! At various access points in and around the Anaheim Convention Center, you will encounter gates with a large “TAP BADGE HERE” indicator. Simply tap your badge briefly to the indicator each time you pass through. You’ll need your badge to access the Exhibit Hall, panel rooms, and even the nighttime events and areas—including Anime, Games, and Hilton Anaheim events—so wear it at all times!

Review the Programming Schedule!

Keep track of everything you want to see by using MySCHED to highlight panels and events. It’s easy and free to use! You can also just check the panel schedule by visiting our Programming Schedule page.

Download the Official Comic-Con App, featuring up-to-date WonderCon Anaheim info!

The Official Comic-Con App features all the info on the show, and the programming schedule is constantly updated (and works with your MySCHED info, too!). It’s the easiest way to carry show info with you. Search “Official Comic-Con App” on the Mac OS App Store and Google Play for Android phones and tablets.


WonderCon Anaheim 2019 Program Book Cover

Art by Lee Weeks. Batman TM & © DC Comics

Grab your official WonderCon Anaheim 2019 Program Book!

This year’s Program Book features an amazing cover by Batman artist Lee Weeks, celebrating both the publication of Detective Comics #1000 and the 80th anniversary of Batman. Inside this 120-page, full-color book, you’ll find bios of all of our special guests, the complete program schedule (including Anime, Children’s Film Festival, Games, Portfolio Review), and “Around the Booths” section showcasing some of our Exhibitors and, of course, the world-famous Quick Guide! Bound into the center of the book, the QG contains maps of the Exhibit Hall, Anaheim Convention Center, and Hilton Anaheim Hotel, and the complete 3-day Program Schedule grid and listings of all exhibitors at the show! Make sure you pick up your copy in Hall D, along with your lanyard and bag! Can’t wait? Click here to read the online version of this year’s Quick Guide!

Bring a copy of your work to a Portfolio Review!

If you are showing your portfolio in any of our Portfolio Review sessions, bring printed copies so you don’t have to give out your originals. And don’t forget your business cards and resumes!

Share the WonderCon love on social media!

When you’re posting and tweeting photos to your favorite social media platforms, don’t forget to use our official hashtags: #WCA2019 and #DoYouWithUs. We can’t wait to see your amazing photos and posts!

Speaking of sharing, the Anaheim Convention Center has free Wi-Fi!

However, please limit use to tweeting and checking email. It isn’t high-capacity and won’t work well if you try to upload or download large files.

Convention Policies and Good Advice

Before we wrap it up, we have some simple advice to help make your visit a success!

Check out our Convention Policies page, which covers a number of topics that are important to know, including our Cosplay Props Policy.

Want some more tips? You can review our entire set of 2019 Toucan Tips by clicking here.

While planning your trip to WonderCon Anaheim 2019, don’t forget to bring these essential items:

  • You’ll need your valid photo ID in the event that we need to confirm your badge.
  • Please wear comfortable shoes to keep your feet happy while browsing the Exhibit Hall.
  • Most exhibitors take credit cards, but you might be able to score a sweet deal with cash. Avoid long ATM lines and bring it with you!
  • A sketchbook is an easy way to keep autographs and sketches all in one place!
  • Stay hydrated by bringing a reusable water bottle. Fill it up using the drinking fountains in the Anaheim Convention Center (but not the big fountain outside!).
  • Snacks! Keep nuts, fruits or granola bars on you so you can easily refuel while rushing around the Exhibit Hall.
  • Slather on the sun screen! It’s almost always sunny in Anaheim, so keep your skin safe from the sun!
  • From checking the Programming Schedule to downloading maps (and everything in between!) don’t forget an external battery/phone charger!

And finally, the most important tip of all: HAVE FUN! WonderCon Anaheim only comes around once a year, so be kind and courteous, treat others the way you want to be treated, and go with the flow and have a WONDERful time!

Click here for info on how to buy your WonderCon Anaheim 2019 badges!

Badges are available online only and will not be sold onsite at the Anaheim Convention Center. SATURDAY BADGES ARE SOLD OUT!

Click here for WonderCon Anaheim 2019 hotel reservation information!

Make it a WonderCon Weekend and stay at one of our hotels with special rates!

Bookmark the WonderCon Front Page and Toucan for up-to-date information on WonderCon Anaheim 2019!