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Announcing the Eighth and Final Wave of Comic-Con Guests!

Rounding out the guest list for 2022 are these six creators.
Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Lorena Alvarez

Lorena Alvarez

Lorena Alvarez Gómez was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, and studied Graphic Design and Arts at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She alternates her work as a freelance illustrator with writing and drawing her own stories, combining her interest in the interaction between arts and science, color language, graphic storytelling, and its formal qualities. Lorena’s first comic, Nightlights, was nominated for two Eisner Awards in 2017. In 2019 she won the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award with her second book, Hicotea. She’s currently working in the third book of the Nightlights series, which has already translated to five languages.

Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Mark Evanier

Mark Evanier

Mark Evanier attended his first San Diego Comic-Con in 1970 and has been to every one of these annual events ever since. He was then an assistant to the great Jack Kirby, whom he wrote about in his book Kirby, King of Comics. Mark has also written for live-action TV shows, animated TV shows (including various Garfield cartoons) and tons of comic books. The comics include working with Sergio Aragonés for 40 years on Groo the Wanderer, and many more.  He is also a historian of comic books and animation and hosts a mess of panels at every Comic-Con.

Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Miriam Libicki

Miriam Libicki

Miriam Libicki is an Eisner-nominated cartoonist specializing in the nonfictional and the Jewy. Her first book, 2008’s Israeli Army memoir JOBNIK!, has been used in numerous university courses. A collection of graphic essays, Toward a Hot Jew, followed in 2016, winning the Vine Award for Canadian Jewish literature. This year saw the publication of But I Live, a trio of illustrated accounts by child Holocaust survivors. Miriam collaborated with survivor David Schaffer to paint his story for this volume, aimed at general readership and high school classrooms. With her husband, Mike Yoshioka, Miriam also designs and hand-screenprints cute ecological-themed clothes.

Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Frank Miller

Photo credit: AFP & Joël Saget

Frank Miller

Frank Miller began his career in comics in the late 1970s, first gaining notoriety as the artist and later writer of Daredevil for Marvel. Next came the science fiction samurai drama Ronin, followed by the groundbreaking Batman: The Dark Knight and Batman: Year One. Next he fulfilled a lifelong dream by doing an all-out crime series for Dark Horse: Sin City, an instant success that spawned two blockbuster films, which he co-directed with Robert Rodriguez. His multi-award-winning graphic novel 300 was adapted into a highly successful film by Zack Snyder. Recently, Miller, alongside Dan DiDio (former Publisher of DC Comics) and Silenn Thomas (CEO of Frank Miller Ink), launched Frank Miller Presents (FMP), an independent publishing company focused on creating and curating a line of comics that will capture his visual and visceral style of storytelling.

Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Nathan W. Pyle

Nathan W. Pyle

Nathan W. Pyle is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Strange Planet, Stranger Planet, NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette, and 99 Stories I Could Tell. He is a former staff writer and illustrator for BuzzFeed. He is based in Pennsylvania but travels the country speaking about creativity and storytelling.

Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: William Stout

Photo Credit: Greg Preston

William Stout

William Stout is one of a handful of people who have attended every San Diego Comic-Con. Early in his career he assisted Russ Manning, Harvey Kurtzman, and Will Elder. Stout drew the Wizards poster and about 120 other film ads. His 70+ film career includes both Conan movies, Predator, Masters of the Universe, Return of the Living Dead, and Pan’s Labyrinth. His book The Dinosaurs: A Fantastic New View of a Lost Era inspired Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park. Bill has murals at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the San Diego Natural History Museum, and the San Diego Zoo. The hardcover Fantastic Worlds: The Art of William Stout covers his 50-year career.