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Attending Comic-Con 101: Open Online Registration

Comic-Con International Registration Update

Ready to buy badges for Comic-Con International 2014? The staff here at Comic-Con is working closely with Expo Logic Registration as we finish up the final touches on the online badge registration system. If all goes well, we hope to launch Open Online Registration very soon! If you are thinking, “What is Open Online Registration?” then it’s definitely time for a little tutorial.

Welcome to “Attending Comic-Con 101: Open Online Registration”


Buying a Comic-Con badge is not for the faint of heart. It does require a little bit of effort, planning, and of course, luck. But even the most prepared fans may find that they are unable to purchase a badge, simply because the demand far exceeds the supply. It is a problem we have tried to address by having additional programming at nearby hotels, parks, and other venues downtown. Still, the sad truth is we must limit attendance because there just isn’t enough room to accommodate everyone who would like to attend Comic-Con.

Anyone who has already registered for or purchased a Comic-Con 2014 Preview Night option is not eligible to participate Open Online Registration.


Comic-Con International will send an email with the Open Online Registration date and time to all eligible members at least 48 hours in advance of the sale. At least 24 hours prior to the sale, all eligible members will receive an additional email with their personal registration code and a link to the Expo Logic Registration landing page.

On the day of the sale, the landing page will open at 7:00 AM Pacific Time (PT) for members to authorize their registration code and enter the waiting room. The landing page will remain open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM for registration code authorization. However, there is no advantage in arriving early. At 9:00 AM, Expo Logic Registration will close the waiting room and no additional members may enter, even if you have a registration code! You must log in to the waiting room sometime before 9:00 AM to be eligible to participate.

Remember, there is no need to sit in the waiting room for two hours before the sale begins. Simply enter your registration code 10–15 minutes before 9:00 AM and you will be placed in line randomly when the sale begins sometime after 9:00 AM. We anticipate that it will take a little over an hour to sell-out of all badge types, so please expect a moderate wait time once you are inside the waiting room.  


To prepare for Open Online Registration, you will need to have all of the following information ready for entry.

  1. Registration Code
  2. Member ID
  3. Last Name
  4. Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, and CVV Number/Card Security Code

You will also need the Member ID and last name of any individual you are attempting to purchase badges for. Each person you are buying for must have their own Member ID. You may purchase badges for a total of three people, including yourself.

To guarantee you receive your registration code email, sign in to your Member ID account today and make sure you have not checked the “Email Opt-Out” box. If you have selected to opt-out of email notifications from Comic-Con, you will not receive the email with your registration code and link, and you must contact Comic-Con through your Member ID account as soon as possible.

Additional Course Materials:

• To see if you are eligible to participate in Open Online Registration, log in to your Member ID account and select the “Registration Info” tab. Here you will find your eligibility, as well as your personal registration code.

• We also strongly encourage you to read all of the detailed information on our Badge Sales webpage. Here you will find tons of essential information regarding the registration process and how to optimize your computer’s browser settings.

• If you prefer a CliffsNotes version, check out the helpful Badge Purchase FAQ to zone in on specific answers to your individual questions.

• And finally, make sure to bookmark or subscribe to Toucan, the Official Blog of Comic-Con, WonderCon, and APE for all of the latest registration updates.

Class dismissed!

Comic-Con International: San Diego

Photo by Kevin Green