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Badge Shipping 101: Intro to RFID

Comic-Con International 2016 Registration Update

Professor Toucan is back and class is in session. Today’s topic? Badge shipping and RFID! We know you’ve got a lot of concerns, so we’ve compiled some of the top questions that have been submitted from fans like you!

Tune in tomorrow for the debut of our Open Registration tutorial video!

Q: What is RFID?

A: RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. An RFID tag attached to your badge allows us to fight counterfeiting and make sure that every badge is valid for entry to Comic-Con.

Q: Why are you shipping badges?

A: Shipping badges in advance is convenient for attendees. It allows you to skip the badge pick-up lines when you arrive and proceed directly to the fun stuff! You will be able to pick up your Comic-Con publications (Souvenir Book, Events Guide, and Quick Guide) and souvenir bag at a designated location onsite.

Q: Won’t shipping badges increase scalping?

A: Comic-Con has always taken a very active role in monitoring scalping activity both online and onsite. We have discovered that the majority of badges being sold on the aftermarket are counterfeit. The Comic-Con Member ID system and the high level of demand make it very difficult for scalpers to purchase more than a couple of badges, so unscrupulous sellers have resorted to creating their own. RFID technology will help us eliminate the counterfeit badges that are being sold to unsuspecting customers, and will also allow us to “turn off” RFID badges that were stolen from your mailbox or undelivered.

Q: What if someone steals my badge from my mailbox?

A: As mentioned above, RFID technology will allow us to “turn off” your undelivered badge and issue you a new one when you arrive onsite. The badge that was lost or stolen from your mailbox will not be valid for entry to Comic-Con. Badges undelivered for any reason (moved/my neighbor stole them/postman delivered to wrong address/abducted by aliens) can be replaced onsite. We cannot reship undelivered badges for any reason.

Q: When will you ship badges?

A: All badges will be shipped out approximately three to four weeks prior to July 20, 2016.

Q: Who will badges be shipped to?

A: All badges in your order will be shipped to the buyer only. The buyer can enter whatever shipping address they desire during checkout.

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to an international address. If you are an international attendee, you will be able to pick up your badge when you arrive onsite at the San Diego Convention Center.

Q: I didn’t update my address before the sale, what should I do?

A: During the checkout process, you will have the opportunity to enter your desired shipping address. All badges purchased during your registration session will be shipped to the buyer’s address that you enter during checkout, not the address on your Comic-Con Member ID account.  You should still update your address on your Member ID account once the sale is over to ensure you get important post mail correspondence from Comic-Con.

Q: I graduate in June and don’t know my new address yet. Can you hold my badge onsite for pick up?

A: We’re sorry, but we’re unable to hold badges onsite for pick up. Please enter your current shipping address when you purchase your badge. There will be a deadline date to submit address changes as we get closer to the convention. You may also select to have your badges mailed to someone you trust, like a parent, relative, or friend. Simply enter their address in the shipping address field during checkout.

Q: Why can’t you ship badges to international attendees?

A: After researching our options, concerns about mail delays and shipping times to an international address prompted us to limit shipping to U.S. addresses only. We will continue to research international shipping options in the future.

Q: I am an international attendee. What do I put in the shipping address field since you cannot ship to an international address?

A: You should still enter your international address in the shipping address field. This will not cause your transaction to fail.

Q: My friend lives in Australia and will be buying my badge on Saturday. Since I am a U.S. resident, will you hold his badge for pick up but ship mine separately?

A: No. All badges purchased during a registration session will be shipped to the buyer’s address only. If the buyer has an international address, the domestic badges will be held for onsite pick up as well. 

Q: I bought three badges during Attendee Preregistration, and a friend was able to get me one more during Open Registration. Which buyer will my badges be sent to?

A: All badges will be shipped to the buyer only, regardless of when they were purchased. The three badges you purchased during preregistration will be sent to you, and the last badge purchased during Open Registration will be sent to your friend, and you will be responsible for retrieving it from him/her. 

Q: Can I enter any address for the shipping address?

A: Yes! Please enter the address that is most convenient for delivery. If your buyer is an international attendee but you have a U.S. address, feel free to enter the U.S. shipping address during checkout. There is still a separate area designated for the buyer’s billing address.

Q: Will you be shipping child badges?

A: No, child badges will not be shipped in advance. You may register your child (age 12 and under) for a complimentary badge when you arrive onsite. Please visit our Child Badge Policy page for more details.