Comic-Con 2016 Hotel Waitlist Process Begins June 1!

If you requested to be put on the Hotels waitlist during our original sale on April 5th, here’s some important information for you: Comic-Con International and onPeak will begin offering rooms to the waitlist on Wednesday, June 1. Complete information on how this will work is on our Hotels page (click here to visit it), but here are a few important things for you to know.

Before the waitlist process begins on June 1st, onPeak will be sending out an email with general information to people who requested to be put on the waitlist.

On June 1st, onPeak will begin sending out emails to people on the waitlist with information about available rooms. The email will come from The emails will be sent out in small batches and continue until either the rooms are sold out or the waitlist has been completed.

If you receive an email, you will have 48 hours to take advantage of this opportunity. Please do NOT cancel your current reservation before it is your turn on the waitlist.

Rooms offered on the waitlist are limited.

If you do book a new room during the waitlist process, you will need to cancel your previous reservation that same day. You will need to have the following information available in order to cancel your old reservation:

  1. onPeak ID numbers from your original and new confirmation emails
  2. The email address(es) associated with those reservations
  3. A phone number where we can reach you if necessary

Waitlist priority is determined by the same timestamp used when you accessed the housing request form on April 5th.

Please note: People who booked rooms through the Early Bird Sale are NOT eligible for the waitlist.

Please read the complete Waitlist information on our Hotels page by clicking here!