Comic-Con Announces 10th Wave of 2019 Special Guests!

What a long, strange trip it’s been! We're talking about the past 50 years of Comic-Con events. Today we're proud to announce our final special guests for 2019, bringing back some of the founding committee Mmembers and other “alumni” who helped the show over the years. They join the previously announced Neal Adams, Sergio Aragonés, Leigh Bardugo, Greg Bear, David Brin, Kurt Busiek, Eddie Campbell, Bill Cole, Jon B. Cooke, Mark Evanier, Mary Fleener, Ebony Flowers, Rick Geary, Gene Ha, Jonathan Hickman, Willie Ito, Arvell Jones, Maya Kern, Denis Kitchen, Ann Leckie, Jae Lee, Jim Lee, Paul Levitz, Joseph Michael Linsner, Ulli Lust, Alitha Evelyn Martinez, Todd McFarlane, Craig Miller, Frank Miller, Randall Munroe, Audrey Niffenegger, Larry Niven, Floyd Norman, Katie O’Neill, Bree Paulsen, Carey Pietsch, Wendy & Richard Pini, Bud Plant, Paco Roca, Mike Royer, Chuck Rozanski, Stan Sakai, Steve Sansweet, Bob Schreck, Diana Schutz, Seth, Kevin Smith, Scott Snyder, Steranko, William Stout, J. Michael Straczynski, Tui T. Sutherland, Sam Sykes, Maggie Thompson, Billy Tucci, Dan Vado, Ursula Vernon, Charles Vess, Jeff Walker, Chris Ware, Bob Wayne, Marv Wolfman, and Phil Yeh as confirmed special guests for this year’s big event.


Comic-Con 2019 Special Guests


Our tenth (and final) wave of Comic-Con 2019 special guests includes:

  • Barry Alfonso • Former Comic-Con publicity directo
  • Wendy All • Former Comic-Con volunteer
  • Maeheah Alzmann  • Former Comic-Con committee member, 1975–1986
  • Richard Butner  • Former Comic-Con chairman, committee member, 1973–1982
  • David Clark • Comic-Con founding committee member
  • Roger Freedman • Comic-Con founding committee member
  • Lawrence Geeck • Former Comic-Con board member, executive VP and president
  • Gene Henderson • Former Comic-Con VP and board member
  • Beth Holley • Former Comic-Con VP, publicity and publications; VP, exhibits
  • William R. Lund • Comic-Con founding committee member
  • Mike Pasqua • Former Comic-Con program coordinator and executive VP
  • John Pound • Comic-Con founding committee member; artist, Garbage Pail Kids
  • David Scroggy • Former Comic Book Expo director; head of product development at Dark Horse Comics
  • Scott Shaw! • Comic-Con founding committee member; cartoonist, comic historian, Captain Carrot, Oddball Comics
  • Barry Short • Former Comic-Con assistant executive president
  • Mark Stadler • Former Comic-Con VP
  • Brinke Stevens • Former Comic-Con volunteer; actress, author, director, Brinke of Destruction
  • Janet Tait • Former Comic-Con VP, events
  • Mike Towry • Comic-Con founding committee member, 1972 co-chair
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