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Comic-Con Debuts Brand New Look for Website!

Comic-Con International's Toucan, the Only OFFICIAL SDCC Blog


Comic-Con International has had an active and information-filled website pretty much since the dawn of the Internet, way back at the end of the last century. Over the years, we’ve upgraded and redesigned the site to take advantage of technological advantages, among other things. Our current version of the website launched in late 2012. At that time, we introduced the Toucan Blog, the only official blog for Comic-Con and WonderCon; over 620 posts later, we’re still going strong.

Still, a fresh coat of paint always livens things up, and today we’re introducing a brand new look for our website. As you’ve already noticed, this includes an updated Home Page with wall-to-wall animated graphics. On the Home Page, the little dots in the lower left corner tell you how many graphics are currently on the page. Clicking on the “Read More” graphic, or any of the graphic elements in the foreground (text, logos, images) on the Home Page, will take you to the linked article. (Except the background image … that goes nowhere. You win some and you lose some.) And moving your cursor over the graphic will cause it to pause, so you can click the links.

Our redesigned interior pages showcase a simpler, less cluttered look. We’ve moved the informational sidebar, which features show locations, dates and times, and sponsors to the right side of the page, giving us a bigger space for our main content area. The dropdown menus remain the same, as does the mirrored navigation on the top of the right sidebar. Can’t find something? Use the Search box at the top of the page. If you’ve bookmarked specific pages inside our website, don’t worry … all the URLs remain the same.

Our Comic-Con and WonderCon Front Pages feature links to all the latest updates on the site, so it’s a good idea to bookmark those page for the most current info. And our Toucan main page introduces a new look with a perpetual chronological scroll. Now you can look at all 620+ of those posts if you want! The latest post is at the top in the wide box; the 2 latest after that below it, and so on. You can also use the Categories section in right sidebar on Toucan to call up all the posts on WonderCon or all the posts written by Maggie Thompson, or our other regular columnists.

That’s it in a nutshell. We sincerely hope this new redesign enhances your user experience of our website. We have a lot to tell you about in the coming months, so bookmark us for the latest info on Comic-Con International and WonderCon!