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Fifth Wave of Comic-Con Guests Announced!

Joining the previously announced Special Guests for Comic-Con 2023 will be Janice Chiang, Alex de Campi, Christopher Paolini, Joe Quesada, Ron Turner, and David F. Walker.
Comic-Con 2023 Special Guest: Janice Chiang
Janice Chiang

Janice Chiang is an award-winning American comic book letterer with over 40 years of experience in the industry. She learned her hand-lettering skills from Larry Hama and Ralph Reese at Neal Adams Continuity Studios in the 1970s. Her background is in fine arts, printmaking, and all handcrafts. Her father taught her Chinese calligraphy, so she viewed hand lettering as calligraphy, too. She soon moved to Marvel, where her career really took off. Throughout the 1980s and up until the mid-1990s she kept extremely busy, often lettering up to ten books a month. Janice has mastered digital lettering with her distinct artistic style. Current clients include Storm King Comics, DC, and Scholastic.

Comic-Con 2023 Special Guest: Alex de Campi
Alex de Campi

Alex de Campi is a bestselling, critically acclaimed horror/thriller writer whose recent graphic novels include Dracula, Motherf**ker! (Image Comics), Madi (co-written with Duncan Jones, Z2 Comics) and the Eisner Award-nominated Bad Girls (Gallery 13). Her cyberpunk adventure story Scrapper (Image Comics), co-written with games legend Cliff Bleszinski, debuts at Comic-Con this year, and then this winter she has Parasocial (with Erica Henderson) and Bad Karma (with Ryan Howe and Dee Cunniffe) coming out from Image. She also writes for TV and film (the Blade Runner anime and more).

Comic-Con 2023 Special Guest: Christopher Paolini

Photo by Lo Hunter

Christopher Paolini

Christopher Paolini, firstborn of Kenneth and Talita. Creator of the World of Eragon and the Fractalverse. Holder of the Guinness World Record for youngest author of a bestselling series. Qualified for marksman in the Australian army. Scottish Laird. Dodged gunfire . . . more than once. As a child, was chased by a moose in Alaska. Has his name inscribed on Mars. Husband. Father. Asker of questions and teller of stories.

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Comic-Con 2023 Special Guest: Joe Quesada
Joe Quesada

Joe Quesada is best known for his 22-year career at Marvel Comics. As editor-in-chief, he was a key part of the team that saved Marvel from bankruptcy and was instrumental in launching the Marvel Knights, Ultimate, and Max line of books as well as some of the best-known storylines in the modern Marvel era, which served as the bedrock for Marvel’s film, TV, and animation success. As Chief Creative Officer and a member of the Marvel Creative Committee, Joe worked closely with Marvel Studios and was part of the creation of Marvel TV and Animation. Since announcing the end of his tenure at Marvel in May of 2022, Joe’s been busy creating Batman covers for DC, writing and directing his first short film, “FLY,” which has won numerous awards, and signing a first-look deal with Amazon Studios. In his free time, he’s planning something amazing.

Comic-Con 2023 Special Guest: Ron Turner
Ron Turner

Ron Turner is the long-time proprietor of Last Gasp, the San Francisco–based publisher of comix and books. He began publishing in 1970 with Slow Death Funnies, an ecological underground comic anthology, and immediately followed it with the first all-women underground comic, It Ain’t Me, Babe. He subsequently published Zap, Weirdo, Young Lust, and hundreds more titles over nearly 50 years in business. He’s studied engineering and experimental psychology, was a Peace Corps volunteer in Sri Lanka, worked as a railroad brakeman, tutored blind students in statistics, and managed a drive-in theater. He is married and has two children and three grandchildren.

Comic-Con 2023 Special Guest: David F. Walker
David F. Walker

David F. Walker is an award-winning comic book writer, filmmaker, journalist, and educator. He is best known for his work in graphic novels and comics, which includes the Eisner Award and Ringo Award–winning series Bitter Root (Image Comics), the Eisner Award–nominated series Naomi (DC Comics), and the critically acclaimed graphic novel The Black Panther Party (Ten Speed Press). His most recent project is The Hated, soon to be a Netflix series. He has written for Marvel Comics (Luke Cage, Occupy Avengers, Power Man and Iron Fist, Nighthawk, Fury, Deadpool) and DC Comics (Cyborg, Young Justice). He also teaches part-time at Portland State University.