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Toss a Badge to Your Witcher

WonderCon Anaheim

The time of the badge order is nigh. Your WonderCon Anaheim 2020 badge will be shipped in advance if you purchase it by February 25, 2020. Buying a badge and then standing in line to pick it up is like ordering a pie and finding it has no filling.

You don’t have to learn how to master primordial Chaos to buy a badge for WonderCon Anaheim, and the process is much easier and safer than a semester at Aretuza! Simply log in to your Comic-Con Member ID account, select the “Registration Info” tab, and click the Purchase Badges button in the WonderCon Anaheim section. When you live as long as I do, you learn that badges will not be sold at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Badges will begin shipping 3-4 weeks prior to April 10, 2020 to verified badge shipping addresses ONLY. As every sorcerer learns early in their training, there is no conjuring something from nothing. There is a give and a take.

To conjure your badges for delivery, please log in to your Comic-Con Member ID account by February 25, 2020 and select the “Contact Info” tab. If your address is red, select the “Verify Shipping Address” option. If you’re always on the move hunting monsters, it may need to be updated. If so, simply select the blue icon to make changes. Your badge shipping address will be verified after your changes are saved. Then, the Brotherhood of Sorcerers will turn it green.

If you are having trouble verifying your shipping address and have confirmed that everything is correct, use the green “Contact Us” option in your Member ID account to ask for aid. Destiny helps people believe that there’s an order to everything, but destiny can’t help you verify your shipping address (that’s our job!).

We are unable to ship to international addresses or Nilfgaard. If your badge cannot be delivered because your address is unverified, you are an international attendee, or is undelivered for any reason (lost/eaten by a Selkie/returned to sender) you can pick it up in the Registration Area in Hall D when you arrive at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Oh! And one more thing. WonderCon Anaheim has one of the most generous child badge policies in the industry! Children age 12 and under are free with a paid adult and do not need to register in advance. Children must be present to receive a badge, so Malrika of Blaviken and her father the alderman can register by visiting Registration Area when they arrive. 

Yennefer of Vengerberg once said, “Nobody smart plays fair”. In the world of WonderCon Anaheim, play smart by purchasing your badge and verifying your badge shipping address by February 25!

Now, go and find Geralt of Rivea. WonderCon depends on it.