Gilbert Hernandez

Gilbert Hernandez at WonderCon 2016

Writer/artist, Love and Rockets

Gilbert Hernandez was born in Oxnard, CA with a comic book in his hand. His mother was a comics fan when she was a girl in the 1940s, so she felt it was okay for her kids to read comics 20 years later. Gilbert's older brother Mario brought home almost every type of comics that you could buy back in the 1960s, such as superheroes, horror, kids’ comics, war, western, sci-fi, classic novel adaptations, hot rods, etc. The only comics they didn't read were romance comics, because it was a house full of five boys until little sis came along.

Gilbert copied what he saw in comics and eventually came to make them as an adult and hasn't stopped yet. He's best known for his Palomar series in Love and Rockets. L&R has been going strong for over 34 years.