Marv Wolfman

WonderCon 2023 Special Guest: Marv Wolfman

Marv Wolfman is a multi-award-winning writer of comic books, animation, videogames, theme park shows and rides, children’s books, novels, television, internet animation, and much more. He has also created more characters that have gone on to TV, toys, games and film than anyone since Stan Lee. Among Marv’s creations are Blade, Black Cat, Bullseye, Nova, Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Deathstroke, and dozens of others. The New Teen Titans, written by Marv and drawn by George Pérez, was DC’s bestselling comic for more than a decade, and the miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths revamped the entire DC Comics line and created the concept of company-wide crossovers. Marv was also editor-in-chief of Marvel, senior editor at DC Comics, and founding editor of Disney Adventures magazine.

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