WonderCon 2022 Press Application and Press Badge Registration is now OPEN!
Outlet Key Contacts of approved press outlets may now register for WonderCon 2022 press badges. New press outlets and returning outlets (Verification DUE - Reapply) may now submit a Press Outlet Application for 2022.
Major changes have been implemented to both the application and registration process. Please see below.
Press Outlet Applications and press badge registrations must be submitted by Monday, March 14, 2022, for WonderCon 2022 press list consideration.

Outlet Key Contacts – of Approved Press Outlets Only:

  1. Log in to your Comic-Con Member ID account.
  2. Select the menu option “Press”.
  3. Choose “My Outlets” from the dropdown options.
  4. In the “2022 WonderCon” section, your approved press badge allotment(s) will be displayed. 
  5. If you are registering yourself, click the yellow “Register” button and follow the instructions.
  6. To share the badge registration portal with your attending member(s), click the “Copy URL” button. 
  7. Share this URL with your outlet member(s) to complete their press badge registration. Your member(s) will need their Member ID, Last Name, and Press Title to complete the registration process. 
  8. Click here for the WonderCon COVID-19 policy. Please advise your member(s) to not register for a press badge if they are unable or unwilling to meet the policy requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only share the URL of your outlet’s individual registration portal with those you have approved to attend the show on your outlet’s behalf. Press badge registration for your outlet will close once all of your outlet's allotted press badges have been registered. The registration portal URL is unique to your outlet alone.

Once you have successfully completed the press badge registration process you will receive an order receipt email within 24 hours. Please check your SPAM inbox if you do not receive the order receipt.

Please be sure to bring the order receipt containing your barcode confirmation to the Press Desk in Hall D of the Anaheim Convention Center to pick up your press badge. Badge pick-up hours will be listed on the order receipt.


New outlets and returning outlets (Verification DUE - Reapply) must submit the Press Outlet Application to be considered for press badges to our conventions.

To begin, please have the Outlet Key Contact* of your outlet complete this application process.

*Outlet Key Contact (OKC) is the primary person responsible for facilitating communication between the press outlet and WonderCon/Comic-Con. There can only be one OKC per press outlet. However, an OKC may be the OKC for multiple outlets.

In order to submit the Press Outlet Application, the Outlet Key Contact must have a Comic-Con Member ID account. To create a Member ID, please click here.

 To access the Press Outlet Application visit:

The Press Outlet Application includes consideration for both WonderCon and Comic-Con 2022. There will only be ONE application for both conventions. 

Once the application has been reviewed, the Outlet Key Contact will receive an email and the verification status of the outlet will be updated accordingly in their Member ID account. 

Are you freelancing? Freelance press members that would like to apply must submit a Press Outlet Application as their own Outlet Key Contact. The assignment letter must be from the press outlet assigning you. Freelance press members’ verification will only be valid for the year approved.

Press Outlet Applications submitted for WonderCon 2022 after MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2022 will be considered for on-site registration only. Approval and on-site registration are not guaranteed. For additional information, please review our Press FAQ.