WonderCon Volunteers


Photo: K Green @ 2017 SDCC

WonderCon 2022 Daily Volunteer Program

WonderCon 2022 daily volunteer registration is now open! To register, log in to your Comic-Con Member ID account, select “Volunteers” from the top menu bar, then click “WonderCon 2022” to access the form. WonderCon 2022 volunteer registration will remain open on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the program’s capacity is reached, the WonderCon 2022 Daily Volunteer program will close and there will be no further opportunities to register to volunteer for WonderCon 2022.

Daily volunteer assignments are 3 hours long and you may volunteer one, two, or all three days of the convention. We do not require any special skills to volunteer other than a great attitude and a willingness to help! You will receive a complimentary badge for each day you volunteer. For example, if you volunteer on a Friday, you will receive a complimentary Friday badge. 

PLEASE NOTE: You must have a confirmed Comic-Con Member ID and be 16 years or older on or before March 30, 2022 to volunteer. Click here to sign up for a Member ID. 

We look forward to seeing you at WonderCon 2022 at the Anaheim Convention Center April 1-3, 2022!