Russ Manning Award

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Russ Manning

2015 Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award Recipient

Jorge Corona
Artist of Feathers (Archaia), Goners (Image), and Teen Titans Go (DC)
Greg Smallwood
Artist of Moon Knight (Marvel) and Dream Thief (Dark Horse)

2015 Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award Nominees

Comic-Con International, North America’s largest comic book and popular arts convention, has announced this year’s nominees for the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award (commonly referred to as The Manning Award).

The Manning Award has been given out annually at the San Diego Comic-Con since 1982. It is presented to a comics artist who, early in his or her career, shows a superior knowledge and ability in the art of creating comics. It is named for Russ Manning, the artist best known for his work on the Tarzan and Star Wars newspaper strips and the Magnus, Robot Fighter comic book. Russ was a popular guest at the San Diego convention in the 1970s.

The first recipient of the award was former Manning assistant Dave Stevens, who went on to create The Rocketeer. Other past recipients have included Jan Duursema, Steve Rude, Scott McCloud, Art Adams, Eric Shanower, Dan Brereton, Jeff Smith, Gene Ha, Alexander Maleev, David Petersen, Cathy Malkasian, Eleanor Davis, and Tyler Crook (see below for a complete list).

The 2015 nominees are:

  • Jorge Corona, artist of Feathers (Archaia), Goners (Image), and Teen Titans Go (DC)
  • Leila del Duca, artist of Shutter (Image) 
  • Vanesa R. Del Rey, artist of Hit (BOOM! Studios)
  • GABO (Gabriel Bautista), artist of The Life After (Oni Press)
  • Greg Smallwood, artist of Moon Knight (Marvel) and Dream Thief (Dark Horse)

Both Del Rey and Smallwood were nominated last year as well.

The nominees were selected by a committee consisting of representatives of the West Coast Comics Club and Comic-Con International. The winner will be chosen by past Manning award winners and Russ Manning assistants. The recipient will be announced during the Eisner Awards ceremony on July 10 at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Previous Award Recipients

2014: Aaron Conley
2013: Russel Roehling
2012: Tyler Crook
2011: Nate Simpson
2010: Marian Churchland


2009: Eleanor Davis
2008: Cathy Malkasian
2007: David Peterson
2006: R. Kikuo Johnson
2005: Chris Bailey
2004: Eric Wight
2003: Jerome Opena
2002: Tan Eng Huat
2001: Goran Sudzuka
2000: Alan Bunce


1999: Jay Anceleto
1998: Matt Vander Pool
1997: Walt Holcomb
1996: Alexander Maleev
1995: Edvin Biukovic
1994: Gene Ha
1993: Jeff Smith
1992: Mike Okamoto
1991: Daerick Gross
1990: Dan Brereton


1989: Richard Piers Raynor
1988: Kevin Maguire
1987: Eric Shanower
1986: Art Adams
1985: Scott McCloud
1984: Steve Rude
1983: Jan Duursema
1982: Dave Stevens