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Bee and Puppycat Inflatable Sword by ThinkGeek

Bee and Puppycat Inflatable Sword

We wanted to offer a really special Bee and Puppycat goodie to our friends who came to visit our booth at SDCC 2014. What could be better than a sword you can use as a sword? The first lucky geeks to get their hands on the Bee and Puppycat Inflatable Sword will be those in San Diego with us . . . . Being a temp is both hard and exciting. Sometimes you get a gig in a nice office and it's fun. Sometimes you just eat all the temp agency's candy while you wait for an assignment. And sometimes you get a job from Temp-bot (well, Puppycat does) and you get to come along and not get incinerated. Fishbowl Space is a weird place. That's why you need a Bee and Puppycat Inflatable Sword. Each Bee and Puppycat Inflatable Sword looks like the crystal sword that Bee materializes in Fishbowl Space. But, instead of materializing it, you have to blow your excess carbon dioxide into it. Each Bee and Puppycat Inflatable Sword can be used as both a club while you bite off tongues and as a sword. You probably should use it as a sword. Product Specifications: Limited Time San Diego Comic Con Appearance Exclusive! For Ages 8 and up Inflatable version of Bee's sword from Fishbowl Space Inflates with air from your face (air and face not included) Officially-licensed Bee and Puppycat inflatable weaponry A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive! Materials: PVC Vinyl Dimensions: approx. 27.5" x 5" x 2" (inflated)
Critical Hit Alignment D20s by ThinkGeek

Critical Hit Alignment D20s

They're supposed to be random number generators, but even the most scientific and dispassionate amongst us has experienced the "good" dice and "bad" dice phenomenon. This set of dice, fortunately, comes with a visual indicator right off the bat of which one is good and which one is bad. Now, we're not saying that one of these rolls well and the other rolls poorly! We've done everything in our powers to ensure these dice are weighted as evenly as possible considering the electronics inside. We did this because we're gamers and we really wanted to use them ourselves and cheating sucks. What we mean when we say that one of the dice is "good" and one is "bad" is that they just look that way. One of the dice is made from crystalline plastic with ice blue numbers and flashes a brilliant blue when it rolls a 20. The other is made from smoked plastic with blood red numbers and flashes a fiery red when it rolls a 20. You draw your own conclusions. Of course, alignment isn't merely good vs. evil. Since these dice are random number generators, we think they're probably Chaotic. On the other hand, since they're being used to abide by a specific set of rules, maybe they're Lawful? We're not sure. We'd suggest you split them as protagonist vs. antagonist dice. The player characters get to be the "good guys," regardless of alignment (or gender). They take the crystal die. The GM gets to be the "bad guy" since he or she is the one putting all the obstacles in the path of our intrepid heroes. Plus, it seems only right that the die would flash red for a TPK. Epic moments in gaming should be memorable. We're here to help make that happen. Critical Hit Alignment D20s: - Pair of twenty-sided dice flash red or blue (depending on the die) when you roll a 20 - A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive - 2014 ThinkGeek Con Exclusive - Not cheater dice! Weighted evenly so you have to earn those 20s - Crystal clear with blue numbers flashes blue. Smoked with red numbers flashes red - Players: It is up to your GM whether you can use them in your game - GMs: They're really cool - let them use them - pleeease? Materials: Plastic Batteries: Each contains 1 x CR2032 cell battery (not replaceable, but lasts for years) Dimensions: approx. 1.35" diameter
Doctor Who Exclusive Variant Comics

Doctor Who Exclusive ThinkGeek Variant Comics

$20.00 for the set! DOCTOR WHO 11TH #1 The eleventh Doctor returns in an all-new ongoing series, with a time-twisting leap into the unknown! Geronimo! Alice Obiefune has just lost her mother when the Doctor explodes into her life. But what does a grieving young woman have to do with the career of a 70s musician, an amnesiac alien time traveler, and a terrifying cosmic threat? In the wake of the second Big Bang, discover what the Doctor gets up to when Amy and Rory aren't around! Plus, every issue includes a "Titans" strip and a brand-new humor strip. DOCTOR WHO 10TH #1 The tenth Doctor is back, in an all-new ongoing series! New companion, new foes, unforgettable new horizons! Allons-y! The Eisner Award-winning Nick Abadzis and fan favorite Elena Casagrande take control of the TARDIS for the first five-issue arc with the tenth Doctor, portrayed by David Tennant! Gabriella Gonzalez is stuck in a dead-end job in her family's New York laundrette, dreaming of college and bigger, better, and brighter things. So when a strange man with an even stranger big blue box barges into her life on the eve of the Day of the Dead celebrations, talking about an infestation of psychic aliens, she seizes her chance for adventure with both hands. After Donna's tragic exit, the Doctor thought he was done with companions. But Gabby Gonzalez is going to prove him wrong - if she survives the night!
Star Wars R2-D9 USB Car Charger by ThinkGeek

R2-D9 USB Car Charger

R2 units: is there anything those little guys can't do? While we don't yet have the technology in this quadrant of the galaxy for fully-automated repair droids like the R2 units from Star Wars, we can get a portion of the R2's versatility into something small enough to sit in your vehicle's cupholder. You see, it makes R2-D9 whistle sadly when he sees a device that's run out of power. Make him bloop and bleep happily again by letting him use your vehicle's power to recharge your devices. With him plugged into your cigarette lighter socket, you can get 2.1 Amps through each of his USB charging ports, which is enough to charge two tablets or smartphones or, well, pretty much anything that charges via USB. What's that, little guy? He says, "Bloop bloop bleep," which we think means "Yay!" Product Specifications : - R2-D9 USB Car Charger - A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive - 2014 ThinkGeek Con Exclusive - Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise - Compatible with anything that charges via USB (iPhones, smartphones, iPads, tablets, GPSes, etc.) as long as you have the cable - Two (2) USB charging ports - Each port provides 2.1 Amps (enough to charge 2 tablets simultaneously) - R2-D9's dome rotates and lights up; he whistles and beeps (when power is connected and when your device begins to charge; force him to animate by pressing his center button which turns power to the ports on) - Flexible arms allow you to customize him to best fit your vehicle's cupholder - Blue/red LED inside the front radar eye lens indicates USB port power status - Dimensions: 5 1/2" tall, 3 1/2" wide at widest, 2" diameter at bottom (to fit cupholder), cable 36" long - Includes: R2 unit with 2 USB ports, 12V vehicle cigarette lighter adapter