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WonderCon Anaheim is proud to present an extended three-day screening schedule featuring some of the best in Japanese animation. Daytime screenings take place in Room 205AB on the second level of the Anaheim Convention Center; on Friday and Saturday nights, the Anime room moves to the Anaheim Marriott in the Marquis Ballroom Northwest, starting at 7:05 PM. This schedule is subject to change. Check the room signs outside Room 205AB and the Marriott room for updated schedule information.

Special Thanks

WonderCon Anaheim would like to thank the following companies and individuals for providing the anime for this year's schedule:

Funimation: Tara McKinney
Media Blasters: John Patterson
The RightStuf: Jessica Heemsbergen
Section23 Films: Mike Bailiff
VIZ Media/Sentai Filmworks: Jane Lui

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