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WonderCon Anaheim 2014 Comic Creator Connection
Comic Creator Connection Returns to WonderCon Anaheim 2015!

Are you a writer with a great idea for a comic book series, but you can't draw? Or maybe you're an artist looking to illustrate a story and you can’t write. Perhaps both of you are looking to jumpstart your careers in comics. At WonderCon Anaheim 2015, you just might find each other!

WonderCon Anaheim will once again host the Comic Creator Connection, an event that puts writers and artists together to see whether they can find their creative counterparts. Here's how it works: in two 2-hour sessions—on Friday, April 3, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM and Sunday, April 5, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM—writers and artists can sit down and meet each other in a neutral environment. In 5-minute sessions, you can talk one-on-one with individual prospective collaborators about their ideas and skills. At the end of each 5-minute period, you will get up and move on to the next person. If you're interested in furthering the conversation, you place your contact info (name and e-mail address) on a supplied card for that prospective partner.

You can sign up for Comic Creator Connection online in advance by sending an email to Please indicate whether you're a writer seeking an artist or an artist seeking a writer and please specify which day you would like to participate. Artists are more than welcome to sign up for both days, but due to the number of writers who sign up, we ask that writers choose one day only.

There will be onsite registration but space may be limited depending on how many pre-registered creators attend. Preferred seating at WCA’s Comic Creator Connection is given to pre-registered writers and artists.

(Please note: All participants in WonderCon Anaheim’s Comic Creator Connection must have purchased a single-day badge to the day in which they would like to participate or a 3-day badge to WonderCon Anaheim.)

Comic Creator Connection at WonderCon Anaheim

The Comic Creator Connection at WonderCon Anaheim 2014.

Photo by Kevin Green © 2015 SDCC

The Details
  • Where: Room 206B
  • When: Friday, April 3 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM, and Sunday, April 5 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Please note that space is limited and if you do not pre-register a seat may not be available if you choose to attend.
What to Expect

The Comic Creator Connection is a unique opportunity for writers and artists to meet in a fast-paced, fun setting. The room will be set up so that artists sit on one side of a set of tables and writers sit on the other. Every five minutes, all the writers in the room will rotate to a new artist. Artists will remain seated.

By the end of the session, you should be able to meet with approximately 15-20 people.

What to Bring

Participants at previous events have benefitted the most from the Comic Creator Connection when they’ve come prepared. Here’s what you should bring:

  • 20 copies of a 1-page writing sample (see below)
  • Business cards (if you have them)
  • Something to write with
  • A 2-minute (rehearsed) version of your pitch
  • Water bottle (you’ll be doing lots of talking)
  • 20 copies of a 1-page art sample (see below)
  • Your portfolio (you’ll have some room to spread out on the table)
  • Business cards (if you have them)
  • Something to write with
  • A 2-minute (rehearsed) version of your pitch
  • Water bottle (you’ll be doing lots of talking)

The 1-Page Writing or Art Sample

Many participants have expressed difficulty in remembering all the different people they met with during the Creator Connection. The best solution is to give each person you meet something unique to remember you by.

We suggest you bring along a single-page sample of your work, complete with your name, contact information, and anything else you’d like a potential working partner to know. Remember, everyone will go home with 15-20 of these, so brevity is definitely a plus. (And remember to bring about 20 copies, so you have a few extra.)

If you’re a writer, use this document to represent your writing style or the specific project on which you would most like to collaborate. Don’t write complete stories, just give them a taste. You may also want to use the space to tell prospective artists about your creative inspirations, favorite artists, preferred styles, etc.

If you’re an artist, use this art sample to give prospective writers a good idea of how you tell stories with pictures. Draw in some panels, if you like. Don’t just show your favorite artwork; show them how you use that artwork to tell a story. You also might want to tell them about your artistic inspirations, favorite writers, preferred styles, etc.

This is a rare chance for you to meet a lot of people in one day or night—and possibly your next creative partner! So bring your A-game. Be intentional, open, enthusiastic, and outgoing. Be generous with your own time and learn all you can from every person you meet.

Also, remember that we’ll have writers and artists at all stages of their craft, so please be courteous and professional and help everyone have the same great experience you want to have.

Be On Time

This isn’t an ordinary WonderCon Anaheim program. Since we are registering creators in advance they will get priority seating. Any seats that are still open once the event starts will be given on a first come first serve basis.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at WonderCon Anaheim!

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